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  • skipto.mylou skipto.mylou Apr 11, 2011 11:49 AM Flag

    Too Many Shorts on this Board...

    I'm staying long, too much negativity and am waiting for a full announcement of Comcast's "home security" initiative and new quadruple play discounts.

    My target is $32, which is lower than most analysts target of $35.

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    • skinny better get your eyes checked, fios much better picture ,faster internet ,clearer voice.

    • FIOS kick cable butt! It is off the hook GREAT! Super fast internet, the best channel line up, multi room DVR, no digital lock up from leaky coax.

      I have to agree that the payback is less than great but the service is the best! Comcast would always lockup during a storm and was not watchable.

    • I'll say it again. Verizon spent 24 billion on this so far, and has 3 million customers to show for it. Thats totally pathetic. Ive had them side by side and the only difference is $50 more a month for the FIOS "offering" . Very poor VOD offerings (which by the way, Comcast makes money on), totally horrible guide, and yet it costs more!!
      If it were really that good, where is the mass exodus that Verizon promised when they started this in 2004?
      Last I looked, both boxes have coax stuck into the back of them. It's quackin' alright.
      Ask the folks in Portland how good FIOS is?

    • My point exactly. Comcast uses coax from the pole into the house, a crap load of loss. verizon uses fiber drop virtually no loss. The signal in the house is much hotter than cable. Cable has to install boosters in the house to give some kind of quality picture. Fios does not. You can not compare the two for picture quality. You can not compare the two for internet speeds. You can not compare the two for voice quality. Fios wins hands down.

    • Good comeback phoneman, or should I say verizonman. Comcast uses fiber to the pole and then coax. Verizon uses fiber to the house and then coax in the house. And somehow it's totally different. You just can't stand that your wrong. Comcast has the largest FIBER network in the US, but somehow FIOS is better. Just because Comcast has taken away more phone customers from verizon than fios has taken cable customers, don't go calling me a hardhead. I asked you what the difference was and you had no facts or answers. Fios runs cable to a house just like Comcast, but it's not cable. Give me a break. I'll keep on enjoying my cable, you enjoy your smoke and mirrors.

    • talking to you bob is like talking to a wall. If you are that stupid fine. Fios service is still far better than cable any day. Stay with your lousy cable.

    • DUH!!! And what do they use in the house, COAX!!!! Only difference is fiber to the house, Comcast ends at the pole. IT'S CABLE DUM *SS!!!!! Or as Verizon calls it, "SMOKE AND MIRRORS"!!!! Same technology, so if it quacks........!!!!

    • 32 very possible. 35 maybe not so much but but WTF you never know. I am very suprised they can keep their customers in FiOS areas but they are. Very aggressive marketing because the product is not that great!

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