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  • yub667 yub667 Aug 30, 2011 12:10 PM Flag

    A La Carte Pricing...

    It's the only way to save cable but it will take them years to figure it out... internet TV will eventually dominate just as cell phones then the internet dominated land lines... cable has had it too good for too long... hundreds of dollars each month for hundreds of channels no one wants...bad service is still the norm at Comcast....they need to take a lesson from Sprint and the American car companies... you never get the same customer back... it's very much easier to keep a customer then to spend 10X that amount to get them back...

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    • The problem isn't with Comcast, or TW, or Cox, etc. The cable companies cannot do a la carte unless the program providers agree. You could do it if every programmer was an individual company, but most are owned by media conglomerants who own a bunch of channels, and won't let the CableCo sell one without selling all the others. Then their competitors say that they want all THEIR channels on the same tier as those other guys, and boom: no possibility of a la carte. So we get stuck with tiered pricing.

      However, if ONE provider (Comcast, Dish, Verizon, etc) were to stand up to the conglomerants and offer a la carte, within a year, they all would.

    • Internet tv is great. I got Netflix. I go to different sites for free videos and tv shows. I sometimes order dvds on line. Best of all I'm happier than with cable. Plus I spend much less.

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      • Yes, Comcast is banking on the generational gap to help keep their paradigm intact but most people in their 50's and 60's who are tech savvy enough... besides the internet providers make it as idiot proof as possible... no one in their 20's, 30's, or 40's would have a problem now... fact is, you can get all the content you want for the cost of broadband and a $100 box between your BB connection and TV... over 5 years time it will save $$thousands and you actually get to pay for exactly what you want... cable will die a slow death because they are so greedy...

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