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  • pavlovs_robot pavlovs_robot Feb 13, 2012 5:51 AM Flag

    Comcast downgrades DVR service to the

    Equivilant of what you would expect in a 3rd world country.

    Along with making the DVR programming more difficult worse they also have it so there is a garish blue and green bar that scrolls continuously along the entire width of the bottom of screen now if you try to slow or stop the program.

    For ex; If you employ slo-mo or pause, to read the info from a foreign movie, or the writing explaining additional circumstances from the History channel such as "I Survived" as it pertains to something in the programming, you not only have the bar there, but it is of course blocking what you are trying to read.

    Additionally if you go to record a portion of a show as we tried to do with a segment of 60 Minutes tonight it is no longer possible to do. You can only tape the entire show now, and also now,if you are trying to stop recording a show, the only way to do it is by completely erasing the show. - It was just fine before, the system they had, now it is so much worse. My wife is distgusted too, and we wonder what the heck we are paying for?

    We are either going for Satellite or just start using the internet for programming as my neighbor and my kids suggest.

    The DVR is the main reason we even have Comcast, and now they have just gone and degraded the value of it. Bizarre !!

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    • I don't know where your from, but that's not the case in Pittsburgh. You want to record a clip? Hit the record button. When you want to stop, hit the exit button. It will ask to stop or continue recording. Hit stop recording, and you have your clip. It's as simple as that!!!

    • kabletown09 Feb 13, 2012 10:16 AM Flag


      First, when paused on a DVR title, try hitting the "exit" button on your Comcast remote...this should clear the bar at the bottom of your screen.

      Second, you should have the ability to record "segments" within individual programming; however, it is more of a manual process as you would need to hit the record button manually on your Comcast remote when the segment begins and likewise the stop button when the segments ends. Pretty much identical to the traditional VCR of old-days. All cable providers DVR equipment use their program guide as a road map for until "TV Guide", the company that provides the network info, decides to detail specific segments within a show on the guide, the DVR will be limited to recording the entire show. That being said, it is also important to understand that networks change programming sometimes at the last minute so the guide will not be updated or extend shows past their normal running times; so...please keep this in mind before blaming Comcast or their equipment.

      Third, there are thousands of clips, shows, segments titles on not only, but you are sure to find what you are looking for on many other sites as well.

      Lastly, this board is intended for overall company info, such as financials, street news etc... If you have issues in the future; try calling a local tech rep..they are not as dumb as you think and would be more than happy to review all the functions of the DVR for you, or you could check out all the online references on are very useful.

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