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  • gitreelonce gitreelonce Mar 3, 2012 11:42 PM Flag

    Does Comcast reduce signal power on weekends


    I dont know why, but the aslt 2 weekends I'm having terrible comcast reception.

    you wanna watch a mob hit on The Godfather. Forget it. You see someone in the drivers seat.
    Then 10 seconds of signal interruption, then the guy in the backseat is already 10 ft away.

    What is it, solar flares

    Sun Spots

    wind ?

    I give up.

    But comcast, if you are redcuing power on weekends, and I'm not getting a complete signal, I have the right to withhold money.

    think about it.

    and its not every channel thats having trouble

    they say 2012 is gonna be bad for solar activity.

    why dont you increase your signal power.

    remember how ion was when they first started doing hockey games 2 years ago.

    well thats what weekend viewing looks like now

    are you telling me there are fewer solar disturbances during the week ?

    HEY FCC, I'm not getting a good, consitant signal . Why dont you help me, and millions of other viewers, and not allow these guys to lower signal strength on weekends.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • annoying_little_prick_00 annoying_little_prick_00 Mar 15, 2012 2:02 PM Flag

      When a providers Satellite flies in front of the Sun the receivers on the ground can't hear the signal sent from the Satellite. This happens twice a year and is quite annoying but part of the problems with a Satellite Source. The outage is normally last a few min at various times during the weeks just before or after the Spring or Fall Equinox

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      • Absolutely correct.

        One thing that can be done to minimize this effect is to have two satellite receive stations far enough apart so that they aren't both looking into the sun at the same time.

        CMCSA did this by utilizing a satellite receive station near Denver and another near Atlanta, so for the major satellite services, sun outages are practically eliminated. Now, the only services that are affected are those picked up locally.


    • Why are you complaining here? CALL THEM and set up a service appointment. There are a lot of things they can check without even coming to your house, and chances are good that if YOU are seeing a problem, others in your neighborhood are also, so do your neighbors a favor, and CALL THEM.

      BTW, if you are short this stock, and complaining on an investment site is your pathetic attempt to drive prices down, let me tell you, it rarely works. Most investors don't want to hear it and won't pay attention to your tale of woe, because they see it for what it is.

      If you really want to drive prices down, then drive Comcast's expenses up and CALL THEM when you have a problem with your reception. Of course, calling them just to be a nuisance will probably get you disconnected, but that's one less customer, and that will help drive the price down, too.

      Win-win, Mr. Shorty.

    • I suspect for sure that Comcast recently plays game of lowering signal quality service, especially early evening and weekends. There is no reason to be found that my multiple computers are suddenly malfunctioned to slow down then back to normal operation speed of accessing websites.
      And many times Comcast signals seem mysteriously turning on and off.

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