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  • courdeleon02 courdeleon02 Mar 8, 2012 5:46 PM Flag

    Fire Chris Matthews

    "Hardball" host Chris Matthews compared Mitt Romney's supporters to people in North Korea on Wednesday on his program.

    NewsBusters has part of it: "Who are these featureless, young people waving those placards? I mean, are they, are they androids? Who are these people that seem thrilled? Look at them. They all go up in unison. They all put their placards up at exactly the same way. They all are exactly in unison. Is this North Korea?"

    Matthews was out of line for attacking these Americans, who have a right to support whoever they want to without being accused of being brainwashed.

    I was watching "Hardball" when Matthews uttered those words, and it certainly raised my eyebrows. What those people were doing was what supporters of all candidates do -- hold signs in unison, clap, cheer, scream, yell, etc. Romney's supporters may be very misguided, but they have the right as Americans to support whoever they choose. That doesn't happen in North Korea.

    Given that the same things happen at the other presidential candidates' rallies, including ones on behalf of the current president, why hasn't Matthews compared those people who support them to being like North Koreans? It was insulting hearing or reading conservatives trash then-presidential candidate Barack Obama's supporters with incendiary rhetoric in 2008.

    But regarding the 2008 election, Matthews said, "I felt this thrill going up my leg" after listening to then-Illinois Sen. Barack Obama speak, as reported by the Huffington Post. The New York Observer reported that he compared Obama's candidacy to "the New Testament." That sounds more like someone who is under the spell of a presidential candidate or a "dear leader" in North Korea than people who hold up signs and cheer for Romney.

    Romney may not give voters "thrills up their legs" nor be the kind of politician who causes people to faint, unlike what goes on at the president's rallies, like in North Carolina Wednesday, as reported by The Weekly Standard, but where's the proof that Romney's supporters are supporting him against their will?

    Matthews should look in the mirror and ponder his own public displays of adoration before taking verbal jabs at those who favor Romney.

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