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  • littledick_whiteboy littledick_whiteboy Apr 13, 2013 11:09 AM Flag

    HAS ANYONE ON EARTH EVER SEEN A COMPANY SO INCOMPETENT with customer service than Comcast?

    They get WORSE every Day. Always advertising for new customers but treating the customers they already have like a pile of Elephant scitt. They now have SIRI, Comcast SIRI, the STUPIDEST SOFTWARE ever written, unable to process information, and downright Idiotic.
    FIFTEEN MINUTES, YES, FIFTEEN minutes was what it took me trying to feed the simplest information to new customer service voice recognition and God knows what else it recognizes , software. I gave up.
    Why do innovators shun a city as huge as Houston Texas in everything they do? When is Google coming to disrupt these IDIOTIC OIL BARRONS who have killed mass transit in the area so they can sell Cars and Oil, and maintain 50 year trailing history of innovation?
    I AM SICK of Comcast. Sometimes, I think a damned MONKEY runs this company.
    I cannot even get someone to activate some stupid boxes they sent me.

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    • you don't want to get us started about poor customer service from Comcast. They are horrible. We have to wait an hour or more at local office to return a cable box for our elderly neighbors who had to go back north for the summer. We don't have time for that. They should start by not accepting payments at local office as that slows the process to do something really important since they obviously don't have enough staff to run their offices

    • Oh, yes indeed! Time Warner is as bad or worse. I won't know the drill. It's the little surpri$e$ I detest the most. $171 one month..$181..the next and last month..$239 without me asking for anything or contracts running out. I find I spend quality viewing time (I'm a 67 year old vidiot and investor) either on the phone looking for someone with an understandable command of the language or..rebooting my DVR and regular HD boxes (I can do it blindfolded). How dare they say "Enjoy Better!" It's the world we live in friends. ALL that matters is money. Once they hook you, they see "Customer Service" as a pet's name or a new way to kick us in the pants. Good Luck. Johnny / San Antonio

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