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  • koestlerp koestlerp May 2, 2013 8:56 PM Flag

    Comcast will lose all in Nashville

    I have been on the phone with the recording waiting for a customer service rep for the last hour. The recording said the approximate wait would be 10 minutes.

    I entered into an agreement with Comcast on phone service. Well I believe it is reasonable to assume on the front end that my business would not have to operate without phones service. After all, I am paying for phone service on five lines.

    My business is up 200 percent over last year but I am beginning to lose clients simply because my phone company does not know what it is doing. A perfect example is the 10 minutes of wait time to speak with a customer service representative.

    I fully intend to start a class action against Comcast. They do not need to be in the phone business. I believe they owe me and 10's of 1000s of companies for lost revenue, aggravation and lost productivity in terms of the cost of paying an employee to watch a phone when it does not work.

    It is so bad you cannot get a phone number to corporate from any of their websites.

    You have to write.

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    • I hear you, koestlerp. West End by any chance? Recorded an album at the "Sound Shop." But..staying on course, judging from the grief others have expressed regarding their Comcast "phone experience" and customer service in general, I'd say the idea of a Class Action is a viable reality. There are numerous locations on the web to get info on how to get one rolling. With CMCSA's penetration, one would have to think you'd have no problem getting the required number..good luck, j.

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      • I am in the downtown area. I went three days without phone service two or three weeks back. Every week it is something.
        I have an appointment with my friend who is an attorney next week. I should be able to assume I am getting a reasonable service when I sign up. Three days without phones is not reasonable. Once a week without service is not reasonable. I have lost service at least once a week for the last two or three months. I am not receiving the service Comcast led me to believe I would be getting.
        I think they owe the entire city of Nashville an apology and some money for the lost productivity due to Comcast's inability to provide phone service.
        I am a pretty good sales person. My business is up 200% this year. I have lost several clients due to Comcast's inability to keep their phone service operational. I do not think they should be able to continually cripple my ability to communicate with my clients.

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