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  • plmo_trader1 plmo_trader1 Oct 18, 2013 3:27 PM Flag

    Comcast Please FIRE Maria Frataroma

    Worse person on TV

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    • One of the top 5 worst anyway.
      when she interviews one on one, she is decent.
      but when she interviews live during the closing bell, she sucks.
      i think cnbc uses some of the classless producers from msnbc.
      i think they are telling her in her earpiece to be a beech.
      the market goes down 100 points, and she starts screaming.
      after screaming for 2 hours, she says "maybe with the dow at 10,000, maybe a 100 point drop isnt a big deal." "why are we getting so worked up about this ?" and its like, maria, for crying out loud, you were the only one ranting and raving.
      then she started comparing herself to muriel siebert.
      and i started thinking how its all about her.
      remember when she almost got fired for not disclosing a free plane trip from someone she was interviewing.
      i hope becky quick isnt taking any gifts from buffet when she spends lots of time with him, as his personal reporter.
      by the way, I prefer the name Maria Barfaroma
      remember when she was grilling important people, and she used to say "ahemmmmmmmmm", like she didnt beleive what the guy was saying. One time someone told her she was being disrespectful on live TV. fortunately she stopped doing that classless #$%$.
      and she keeps saying "do you know where your money is", like its a big joke, and when people who might have helped separate us from our money get grilled, she defends them. To me, that means she is helping wall street steal from main street. and she is part of the problem.

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