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  • elivate elivate Feb 27, 2014 9:36 AM Flag

    Telecom Carriers like AT&T,VZ, WIN, CTL, scared to death of Comcast. Why? read...

    Current last mile access footprint, and number of new building and business being brought ONNET. The cable companies build their access off of a shared Ethernet infrastructure that is much less expensive to deploy and less expensive to offer. Comcast mean loss of access to the existing carriers and or significant pricedown of existing services. The cable access delivery model will be the end of the juggernaught of AT&T and Verizons access revenue annuity. Once Comcast, absorbs TWC. They will do a deal for a overleveraged domestic carrier like LVLT or WIN. Although these buyouts might be more trouble than they are worth. Comcast has the brain trust and capital to build it out themselves. Take my word for it. The biggest concern to all telecom players is COMCAST and OTT (IP) Apps displacing legacy telecom SDN infrastructure.

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    • you got it.

      they will roll out direct gige fiber feeders to business for a fraction of the price that a RBOC, LVLT, TWTC or other cap access provider is doing it for. There is carrier ethernet equipment that goes back to the headend that can drop a gige for a couple of grand per business. This service is mucho expensive and these guys will do it for pennies on the dollar as compared to the SDN infrastructure that currently exists. They have ciena 6500 OTN on the backbone so they can turn up 100g waves.

      I don't see the reason for MPLS when you have Q in Q

      they won't need to buy Lvlt as a lot of their wave equipment is obsolete. Those guys will just die on the vine.

      any word on the status of a CRAN upgrade?

      disclosure long cmcsa, short LVLT

    • End game,. Own the access and build out a fully meshed SDN optimized MPLS WAN fabric to maximize the delivery of hosted enterprise application in order to maiximize ARPU per small, medium, and Large enterprise customers. That is the end game. Comcast is in a fantastic position to build out that fabric optimally. Verizon and AT&T are dragging along a lot of legacy infrastructure. It hasn't mattered to this date because of their scale. Enter Comcast, Same scale, lower cost of last mile delivery, at a time IP Applications are displacing legacy telecom services. This is why VZ and ATT is scared to death. Structural/technological differences.

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