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  • idccnokia2006 idccnokia2006 May 8, 2014 7:33 PM Flag

    NPR had a nice discussion about the banks, and their funding of lobyists to get laws passed

    that favor them.
    It was very interesting.
    The banks that were too big to fail in 2008 are on average 18% bigger today.
    How is that ?
    Money they said.
    Then, the NPR discussion featured a liberal congresswoman, who said her opponent got millions in campaign contributions.
    She said she matched them, but most of hers were $50.
    May be, but I bet many people sent in $50 multiple times, just to skirt the law.
    Then, this liberal politician , after proclaiming her innocence via $50 contributions, said we need to get disclosure of donations by rich people. She said people like the Koch brothers can legally give, but it needs better disclosure.
    And I'm not sure why she singled out the Koch brothers on the right.
    She didn't bother to mention Far left wing Steyer, or one world-one leader Bloomberg, or diversity phoney Roberts who has few minorities and woman on comcasts board of directors, or Soros, who is now pushing for the U.S. to allow dangerous drugs to be legalized.
    The Koch brothers are no worse than any other big dollar donator. That's for sure.

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