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  • realdutch01 realdutch01 Apr 27, 2010 11:14 AM Flag

    Object To Insider Buying

    The key thing here is to not give management an incentive to deliberately suppress the stock. Some may be thinking, wow... we can buy this stock cheaper and cheaper a couple of weeks from now. Well, if you are insider scum and suppress the stock, then yes...

    But it is detrimental to the near term prospects of the company as well as the people who own this company.
    Insider buying should not be tolerated and I will request an SEC investigation myself if I have to although I prefer to do this collectively.
    It's a simple matter of doing the right thing, and I am asking your support.

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    • People who recognize the dilemma and feel they are not being treated properly can contact me at

      I will get back to you in a couple of weeks if and when we see significant insider buying.

      Remember the golden rule.
      "Disclose or Abstain".

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      • There are only 2 things that the management could do to save the stock.
        1) Do a big insider purchase and make a statement saying that they think the price of the stock has been beaten down too much and that they think the stock is trading way below the valuation.
        2) Or Announce a new partnership, and cost cutting they have done in the past quarter or some other good developments in the company.

        I would prefer both of these instead of the proposed reverse split crap, which doesn't accomplish anything.

        Any of these two news, should automatically push the stock up above the $1 range and we wouldn't even have to do a reverse split. The news itself will induce a short squeeeze good enough.

      • real you are either too stupid to understand that insider buying is bullish.

        Or stupid enuf to think people think that insider buying is suppressing the stock price or whatever you want to convince.

        The whole last week price drop wasn't because the management is putting pressure so they could buy, it is because people are selling. See the level 2 streams you'll understand what I'm talking about.

    • I think our problem here this morning is outsider selling, not insider buying.
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