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  • realdutch01 realdutch01 Jan 3, 2012 5:53 PM Flag

    Not entirely blind and stupid

    Item 7.01 Regulation FD Disclosure.

    Altair Nanotechnologies Inc. and its indirect operating subsidiary, Altairnano, Inc., (collectively, “Altair”) recently became aware of
    newspaper articles and other publications (collectively, the “Disclosures”) that have been published, primarily in China, concerning Altair’s plan to build an LTO (lithium titanate) plant in the city of Wu'an in Hebei Province in China and to engage in related transactions. Certain of the Disclosures also include revenue, profit, investment, cost or other projections. Altair has announced that it intends to establish a near term sales presence in China by establishing a Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise (a "WFOE") in China and, over time, to develop a manufacturing presence there. Representatives of Altair or its affiliates have had positive meetings with government officials in Wu'an with respect to the possibility of Altair's WFOE or an affiliate establishing operations in Wu'an. However, at this time, Altair has not committed to any specific LTO manufacturing or other related projects in China, nor has it made any revenue, profit, investment, cost or other projections for the China market. Altair is optimistic about its opportunities in China and affirms its intent to timely announce any significant developments or commitments in the China market.

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    • I don't know much about AY. I know they are not geniuses so don't expect any leadership from them. It seems they remain firmly committed to their investment though as they are confident about the technology and Altair's future.

    • Sorry, you knew it so early! :-)

    • "They will not be able to acquire the remaining shares without permission from Al Yousuf. AY owns 7% and I don't think he wants to sell anywhere near these price levels."

      Can you talk more about AY? They own more than 7% ALTI??

    • Meaning they should buy the rest......They certainly got a huge percentage cheaply enough

    • There are many here that post on a daily basis that have no reason to be here.

    • Then why you are always here?

    • <it seems to me that alti would be a buyout target at this price of almost 1/2 cash in the bank?>

      They were already bought out. They sold 51% to the Chinese who are now calling the shots.

    • If, as you say, they have the "best battery in the world but can't sell it" because of the CEO, then it seems to me that alti would be a buyout target at this price of almost 1/2 cash in the bank?

      Wouldn't AONE or someone else be interested at this price is their battery is the best?

      I certainly would.....

    • >> It is gambling and not investing and that is why no "smart money" will touch it.

      Every investment is a gamble. The one thing that changes is the level of risk vs. reward.

      I actually own a company I think has a 50% chance of being a fraud, CBEH. But it's trading at 5% of book value so there is still a lot of value there. (Odi would like it because they produce clean diesel).

      So I'm thinking there has to be someone willing to invest a significant amount of money in ABAT, someone filthy rich. But that's the problem, people who are filthy rich have other people managing their money for them, and they will not risk losing their job because they invested in a fraud. No-one is willing to put their a.s.s. on the line, and that includes analysts, bloggers, institutions, even some shareholders. The whole system is screwed up because reputation matters more than making money. That is why these Chinese companies are trading at such depressed levels.

      Betting exchanges are a completely different world. Everyone understands about risk vs. reward. All that matters... is making money. Here, smart money rules. Knowledge matters. These markets are very efficient. If you are right, you will get paid. If you are wrong, you will lose. It's the ultimate form of science. No more BS.
      Alas, prediction markets (=betting exchanges)didn't take off because the media misinterpreted its function, and by doing so, destroyed it.

      The only reason why I am here, is because betting exchanges have become too efficient for me to be able to make money.

      So, I will keep my portfolio of stocks updated on a monthly basis, here, and see if my value bets can beat the market. Let's see how long it takes.

    • <It is a smart money play. There's a 90% chance it should be trading at $6. But you said it yourself "They scare me" so you CHOSE not to your DD due to sentiment, a feeling you have.>

      LOL! ABAT scares me BECAUSE I did DD and not because I didn't. The last straw was when they refused to work with NAZ on proving their stated cash and chose delisting. I haven't called ABAT a scam. They could be on the up and up, but that doesn't matter. If you choose to be in the US markets, you have to make your compromises and work with regulators. ABAT could die out here and show up on the Hong Kong Exchange or they could go to $10. It is gambling and not investing and that is why no "smart money" will touch it.

      I'm out of ALTI now. Didn't sell any below .59 and when I worked it out I lost under $100. Won't take much buying to get it back into the .60s now.

      I'll reassess after next CC.

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