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  • lbcb321 lbcb321 Jun 1, 2012 11:03 PM Flag

    Proterra Bus Completes Testing

    Hot off the presses. I check the site a couple times a week and this is the first time the Proterra Bus showed up:

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    • a summary
      Structural Durability Test, (also provides the information for the Maintainability and Reliability results.)
      AFA structural ... Did Protera design the axle weight to accomodate only seated capacity? Whereas the bus had to be partially tested with the equivalent of 27 standing passengers . <<Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) of 37,320 lbs. Note: at Gross Vehicle Load (GVL) the weight of the front axle is 1,270 lbs over the front GAWR, 390 lbs over the rear GAWR and 1,660 lbs over the GVWR.>> <<Durability driving resulted in unscheduled maintenance and failures that involved a variety of subsystems. A description of failures, and a complete and detailed listing of scheduled and unscheduled maintenance is provided in the Maintainability section of this report.>>

      The Reliability section compiles failures that occurred during Structural Durability Testing.
      <<The test bus encountered no Class 1 failures. Of the 38 reported failures, two were Class 2, 26 were Class 3 and 10 were Class 4.>>

      The Safety Test <<a double-lane change, obstacle avoidance test was safely performed in both right-hand and left-hand directions up to a maximum test speed of 45 mph. >>

      The Shakedown Test
      Water leakage was observed throughout the test at the small, lower window on the front door, the window on the rear door and at the driver’s sliding window.

      with so many issues did it actually pass? or just complete the testing?

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      • As long as there aren't failures affecting safety... the results speak for themselves and it is buyer beware. Definitely needs some structural changes. Way too many snapped bolts. Amazing to me that a 500,000 mile rated bus could have transmission failures, motor failures, battery pack failure along with so many other components in only 12,500 test miles and 15,000 total miles.

        I noticed the overweight when accounting for standing passengers also. Doesn't look like they had anybody with real world experience on the design team.

        Even all the windows started leaking this early and some of the passenger windows were completely separating from the frame. You would hope that internal testing would catch most of those things before the bus made it to the Altoona center.

    • Page 95 of the PDF report shows the failure of a battery pack at only 3,644 test miles. The bus also had a lot of transmission problems.

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      • >>Page 95 of the PDF report shows the failure of a battery pack at only 3,644 test miles.

        Was it an alti battery pack? And did it have a bullet in it? I know alti was firing bullets into some of their batteries to see how they would hold up under fire. Perhaps they put an alti battery pack into a bus and then starting peppering the bus with small arms fire, worse case senario.

        (It's gonna take me a while to get to page 95.)

    • What does it mean Basil?

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