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  • mardermj mardermj Jul 18, 2004 6:10 PM Flag


    If you have money in this company you need to listen to the CC I have listed below, it blows the negative nellies and the preplanted paid bashers and shorties in the dust, Summary is--botton line profit FY 04 only year I hear impacted negatively is -1 penny to eight pennies or so--nothing changes for FY'05. Why announced July after Price Waterhouse made recommendation 16 June--they had to run the numbers and that took time. How did whole month convention get to be the way the K's were reported back in the say? That was the 5 year recommendation of the previous independent auditors--new auditors rotated in and Price Waterhouse made the rec when they were brought on board 16 June--the board had to determine how much and what to talk about when and that took time.

    Why's the SEC asking questions? This is a normal part of the SEC questionaire time frame, the restatement of income and acceptance of daily versus monthly reporting is NOT FROM ANY SEC inquiry to that effect.

    Longs need to listen to the CC and decide if the cattle are just stampeding or the fact that nothing has changed with the way this company operates or substantially in its 10K etc will make a hill of beans.

    Although this is a tempest in a teapot, the traders have had a field day, but I feel that field day is over.

    If you're in this stock because you threw a dart you need to get out anyway. But if you believe in the company's model you need to stay the course.