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  • market_swami market_swami Nov 27, 1999 2:15 PM Flag

    Linux is not ready for the masses yet.

    Ever wonder why with a massive amount of busy
    signals and a high cost why AOL is the #1

    Well it is because most of the public is complete
    morons, and they know crap about technology. I have
    Redhat 6 on my computer, and I HATE M$. Linux will be
    the future of OSes, but unless it is moron proof, or
    people obtain some computer intellegence, it has a long
    way to go. I am very good with computers, but I had a
    very hard time putting in experimental drivers for my
    video card. I could only see a little part of the
    screen, because the default driver made everything

    This stock is high right now because Wall St. hears of
    an alternative to the overpriced microsoft. Well,
    keep in mind that when Linux does catch on, many will
    make redhat variations..etc because it is OPEN SOURCE.
    Yes folks, Linux is open source, so techies are free
    to alter anyhting. That makes it very low margin. I
    got my RedHat 6 for $2 from
    . It is not pirated either, Open source

    The point is that RedHat is No MSFT. It will never be
    that big, which is good for me, and good for
    computing. Linux is great for inovative coders, and open
    source makes it free to the masses. The bad part is: It
    makes it not very profitable.