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  • gpd8252 gpd8252 Jul 18, 2012 9:02 AM Flag

    No dividend for 18 months ?

    Am considering taking a position in HGT. As I understand what's going on, due to lawsuit, HGT will not be paying a dividend for the next 18 months ? (Maybe more, maybe less)

    But, HGT is trading at a significant discount to its true value as a result. Buying and holding for 18 months could result in a 200% - 300% gain on my investment ?

    Does anyone have any thoughts on this thesis ?

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    • Buddy, I know what IR means.
      And there is no IR department.
      Yes, there is a phone number which gets you to a bank employee who is the contact for many of these trusts and has little if any more information than we do.

    • Sorry to disappoint you, but I usually do know what I am talking about. I'm a long time, serious investor, and invest in this trust and many others (BPT, HGT,SJT, and others). IR, the acronym in the message I replied to, stands for Investor Relations - simple as that. True, the trust has no employees. But Liza did misinterpret IR for HR. And there is a place you can contact to get information about a trust if you wish, you contact the Trustee. Now, everyone, lets put this nit picking to bed, please?

    • Why is Liza the bad guy, when Gambler doesn't know what he's talking about, and then insists on upon staying ignorant when given the correct answer? You should be happy Liza is here to continually try to educate idiots. Over and over again. I'm sure it gets old for her. It gets old just reading it.

    • Ah! I understand. Fair enough.

    • Yes, I agree with your statements. I only object to this poster's nit-picking other posters with largely irrelevant details in an effort to suppress their thoughts on the subject. It is a pattern and practice of this poster.

    • That's not a bad point, but I daresay you could have made it yourself in a less acerbic manner. It's certainly a valid point of view to say that HGT is best viewed as a trading vehicle, but it's an equally valid point of view to "nit-pick" and try to analyze it--from the long or short side--as a long-term investment.

      Someone who'd read and understood the filings would have grasped before most of the holders did that a significant liability was looming and threatening the distribution. That person would have made a very significant profit (over a few months, not days) in puts or by shorting.

      I don't disagree that very short-term traders could have also made money too. But that's hardly the only way to trade this, and has its own attendant risks, as do all strategies.

    • OK, so my grammar is bad and I don't know how to spell, but while others nit-pick some make trading profits that in one day equal the return of a years investing in HGT. The point? HGT is a trading vehicle and not an investment.

    • Further, Liza, well you sweat the fine print in the various filings, others make the real profits in HGT, which are being made in the daily trading!

      Have a good day and a better tomorrow!

    • Liza, has anyone ever suggested that you have a rather acerbic demeanor? Have you ever considered having a lemon drop martini after a hard day of trading and mellowing out?

    • No, you are the one who misses the point.
      The trust has not a single employee. Zero, get it? So they don't have an IR department. Who would staff it if there are no employees?

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