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  • cstocks02 cstocks02 Jul 12, 1999 4:24 AM Flag

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    • it is plasure to read this board... I have followed pill for several years, your input just makes me more at ease with my choice.

    • about the relative strengths of HLTH & PILL. I
      don't think there is anything at all wrong with PILL
      management. They may well be experienced and competent and
      they have built up a nice little company with internal
      growth and acquistions. They have a good business plan
      as well. One thing is sure though, they have to
      learn how to make a profit. Their recent financials are
      not good.

      They just are not in HLTH's league
      when it comes to raising money. Whether it is based on
      Clark's reputation, luck, or whatever, you have to hand
      it to them. They raised a tremendous amount of money
      with a lot less going for them (actually nothing) than
      PILL could ... even today.

      Your comment

      "Interestingly, Merck-Medco is involved in a significant project
      with PILL in Texas and Florida. I am also aware that
      they have agreed with Healtheon to do a pharmacy
      e-commerce project. They are not working with Wygod's
      CareInsite, to my knowledge. Medco's working with both PILL
      and HLTH is further evidence that they see the
      potential of all this for their buisness."

      up an interesting point. They don't have to be
      acquired by HLTH to make a profit off them. This "business
      alliance" will give HLTH coverage and capabilities that
      they can promote without pointing out that it is
      outsourced. PILL gets more good business volume from HLTH's
      promotional efforts. I think they will be doing the same
      thing with claims.

      If we can't make a quick
      profit from a buyout, I guess we'll just have to make it
      the old fashion way.

    • You have a deep knowledge of this sector what do you think is the right value of PILL....6mths....1yr.....with or without a buyout

    • I base my statement on how difficult it will be
      for second and third tier companies (give
      Quintiles/Envoy and others credit for their networks) to compete
      with the largest company. Obviously, a wave of
      consolidations is taking place in industry after industry for
      very good reasons. It would take up a lot of space and
      time to go into this. I trust you generally agree and
      see it in this industry as well and there is no need
      to go into why it is happening.

      Don't get me
      wrong. I hope for the best for PILL. It is a small part
      of my portfolio and I confess I don't follow it as
      well as I should. I appreciate your analysis of

      I don't agree with your assessment of IDX though.
      It was a good deal for PILL but IDX does NOT
      represent anywhere near 20% of the nations' physicians or
      30% to 35% of the healthcare e-commerce. Medical
      practice software is a very fragmented industry (also in
      consolidation) and still has hundreds of software packages that
      physicians cling to. IDX is an expensive, high end product
      for large practices but it has plenty of competition,
      from Medical Manager among many others. IDX benefits
      from the consolidation of medical practices and will
      do fine but, think of it, not 1 out of every 5
      doctors! Somebody put a very imaginative spin on the

      I don't know why you bring up anything about a PILL
      secondary. The question was why SSB can't get HLTH (if they
      ever even talked to them) to raise the money to buy
      PILL if PILL wouldn't justifiably want HLTH stock.
      HLTH is best at raising cash to buy companies. They
      did not exist a couple of years ago while PILL was
      already in this business. How did they fly by PILL? By
      raising cash to buy comapnies and marketshare ... since
      1996. It's also obvious PILL has nowhere near their
      resources or ability in this area.

    • Thanks for you observations......I am not sure
      that I would give the PR boys the benefit of the
      doubt.....with all the bid talk I expect that having put the
      rule over PILL the competition know more about the
      company than the shareholders......

    • As you have the best in depth un-biased knowledge
      of PILL yet displayed on this board....have you ever
      figured out the market share PILL has in the areas that
      it now operates....even the number of areas tests my
      mind these days.....I think it includes Nursing homes,
      State Prisons, Labs, Financial Data transmition.....a
      whole host of services that those new to this Board may
      have missed.....especially as when the company issues
      upgrades to its progress it never states it cumulative

    • take on this. First, the big are going to get
      bigger - it is happening all around us. PILL will lose
      market share and eventually will not be able to compete
      once those economies of size kick in. Second, HLTH
      should be able to raise whatever additional cash they
      need to make a deal, either publically or privately.
      That is obviously what HLTH does best and SSB is right
      there to help them, if that is what it takes.

      is not time for Blue to try to squeeze out the last
      possible dollar and risk being left in the dust.

      By the way, what's the basis for assuming that SSB
      advised PILL not to take a deal with HLTH because of the
      HLTH stock? Is there some factual basis or just
      someone's construction of what coulda or shoulda happened?

    • Do you remember any of the prospecting booms....a
      hole in the ground was always worth more than a
      producing enabled analysts and investors to
      use their imagination as to the value of what was
      there......that why HLTH and CARA have such high
      ratings....precisely because they have not had to deliver yet....
      while PILL as a mature concern is well past its
      honeymoon period...THOUGH.....if PILL `s PR company got its
      act together perhaps we could have a round up of the
      company`s current assets and contracts and the position the
      company has in the market place and some idea of its
      3-5yr potential.....this is not the time tobe shy and

    • I totally agree with your comments save one major
      point.....PILL is unlikley to have the three years it needs to
      grow its earnings to justify $30 -$ then the
      new players with deep pockets will have robbed PILL
      of its customer base by loss leader pricing...I know
      it unfair but thats what the likes of HLTH will
      do.....SO.....PILL should do a deal with one of the majors in the
      same field that has a complimentary position in the
      industry.....that way PILL should get some forward value from is
      assets and conectivity....if the right party could be
      found then not only should PILL shareholders get a
      $20-25 it could be leveraged into a bigger
      and potentially more profitable venture....that way
      you might see your $40 yet......

    • Many of us here have been saying this for $10 to
      $20 and back down again.....but it does not matter a
      row of beans if the fish are not bitting.....this has
      I think been exacerbated by margin call pressure as
      no bid has been forthcoming leaving some of th
      stocks players high and dry......BUT take heart there
      has been some concerted option buying so who knows
      what is around the corner....

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