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  • mbbf49a mbbf49a Jul 8, 2010 11:50 AM Flag

    Real story

    "This tells the whole story.
    The gold ca bal is shorting the hxll out of this stock."

    In your muddled little mind I'm sure it does.

    "AEM should be 100 right now."

    And I should be 30 with a good looking blonde at my side zooming around in my Falcon.

    "VERY PISSXD but forced to be patient."

    I think I agree with this statement if PISSXD means what I think it means. I bought more of AEM today (putting me at 5,700 shares) and I remain nervous as a whore in church...and PISSXD.

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    • This from another poster on May 6, 2010:
      <<What kind of a man would denigrate anyone who who has only 100 shares of any stock?

      Someone on the outside looking in. Someone who owns zero shares! Warren Buffett would not insult anyone who has only 100 shares of any stock!

      mbbbs: be careful what you post, your post speaks a lot about you than anyone else! It says you are one sorry, immature person with a serious inferiority complex.>>

      After that you keep boasting about your 5,700 shares every chance you get!

      People who own a lot shares don't talk about it either.

      We aren't so stupid on this board. Just enjoy your 5,700 shares. No need to broadcast it.

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      • Well, thanks for the advice but it's actually 5,900 hundred now...I bought 200 more yesterday. It's not a boast, in my opinion, if you are posting something factual to an audience you have absolutely no respect for. At that point it's little more than burning off nervous energy while you trade stocks. Kind of like a cat using a scratching post. I must say I find the conspiratorialists on these mining boards endlessly annoying but there really isn't much you can do about it as they have long since become immune to the power of reason. I'm just sharpening my claws on people who think they understand things that they clearly have no clue about. Post something thoughtful, humble, informative and I'll be right there to engage you in peaceful manner. Post the stock is being manipulated by dark powers or a load of technical mumb jumbo, and I'll be all over that with invective and mockery. Don't like it...put me on Ignore. I don't care. I'm not looking for friends or admirers. There's probably someone out there who knows something and has half a brain but I'll be damned if they made an appearance on this board or the SLW board, for that matter , in recent times.

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