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  • gohorse440 gohorse440 Aug 16, 2012 10:52 AM Flag


    Been back in aem a few days, would like some opinions of old hands. I know aem has been downgraded but that doesn't mean much if gold price keeps going up.

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    • He who laughs last laughs best.

      Better brush up on your hard rock geology, and mine engineering and development 101 protocols. When you do send them along to the Corporate Miners, be aware very aware however that they will not listen. Stock and bond miners don't care if they ever find any metal, other than their Bentley's floor boards.

      What do bankers treasure more than gold, DEBT. These Corporate Miners have proven that in an Ace High Straight Flush.

      Now get out your hard rock geology text books and start reading.

    • Lol, I don't know from what source you copied/pasted your info...but you are way know...bullsh** is still bullsh** even with big words...trying to impress someone, scrare the neophytes ? Please...

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      • When you resort to profanity no matter in what disguise, it indicates either you are a no nothing, or just childish.
        Pick a legitimate point to disagree on or quit being critical.
        Words are not a disagreement point or didn't they teach you that in dog training public schools OBE or ML system? How is old B.F. Skinner public school these days? Profanity ridden?
        In order to forensically debate a topic you need more than profantiy and aqusation.So where is point of disagreement forensically speaking? Pick a point other than profane generalizations. Otherwise this alleged discussion is over. You rudeness and profanity becomes your small mindedness. How revealing of your true character if you have one. Good Day.

        Sentiment: Hold

    • Ask yourself, has AEM started doing any underground exploration drilling at any of it's mines? NO!
      Then go to RBY and look at all those underground exploration holes, not surface holes, underground exploration holes. Just like when Rob Controlled GG. See all those RBY shares held by Rob's companies, that is why there is underground exploration drilling.
      Not corporate bimbo miner surface exploration holes.
      AEM fails for a reason. NO underground exploration hole to guide them to the rich gold veiens. Only general surface holes to get them in the area of the gold. Missing a vein by 10 feet is a big deal. The corporate bimbo miners at AEM will just never understand that. Millions or barren rock or bonds? They choose bonds and bankers over drilling underground. Thus they choose low grade gerneral area ore, and barren rock, like at Goldex.
      Even a blind squirrel finds a nut sometimes if it doesn't get eaten by the bankers.

    • Thanks folks, I appreciate it.

    • I will be very disappointed if this sucker isn't in the mid 50's in Sep, 60's in Oct. Could be in the 80s by Dec if the price of gold goes to the 1800 to 1900 range. I see a strong correlation between the price of gold and this stock (off and on) throughout the trading day. The momentum after the last few weeks of trading is far....

      In my opinion this stock should be selling about three times higher than it trades now plus you get a nice dividend. Because of it's volatility, it's options are also great trading vehlicles. Been with this since 2004....just my insights into this issue.

    • UBS should be downgraded.

      Buying AEM around $46 today is the same as buying Gold for $1000 an ounce. AEM needs to go higher than $60 to price gold at $1,600. Peter Schiff mentioned few weeks ago that AEM is one of the most depressed priced mining stock.

      I bought mine at $33.94.....not planning to sell it until I see above $100. Be patient for a few years. Dividends will be higher when the time is right. CEO planning to push that as well.

    • UBS has a horrific record on this stock. Always upgrading near tops and downgrading near bottoms. I bought calls yesterday as soon as I saw the downgrade.

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