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  • lowriskincome lowriskincome Sep 9, 2008 8:35 PM Flag

    Dialed 911 Operator: Been robbed of my GSE investments. Sir, Please describe the thief!!!

    Had on a tall funny looking hat with “Uncle Sam” printed on the front, dressed in the finest clothes money can buy (said he only buys the best since taxpayers expect him to look good while doing the important work on their behave, had that used car salesmen/cash advance salesmen look, did not carry a weapon (said he didn’t need a weapon, claimed he had the right to steal at-will from investors when necessary) and he talked/bragged a lot as follows:

    1. said the country was a little short on cash at the moment thus the need to nationalize (steal from the few for the benefit of many) the GSE assets before the deck of cards (built on credit) falls.
    2. claimed he was the savior of the whole world. He could start wars (on credit) to right wrongs, dictate his morals/beliefs on the world cause he’s always right and could provide aid (on credit) to any country who agrees with him.
    3. said his dummy citizens sometimes complain a little about decent/affordable health care, high prices/inflation, energy needs but he could throw them a carrot (tax rebate, etc.) every so often and convince them he has these “minor problems” under control.
    4. claimed he could print money/tax/grow the economy to get his citizens out of any present/future problems.
    5. said the secret to his success was to keep people working/paying taxes until they dropped so the government can keep the good times rolling. (taxing & spending, spending, spending)

    As the thief left he hummed “pass it on down the line”. I asked what the meant, he replied “if all my ideas don’t pan out we will just pass all the problems/debts we create down to future generations, maybe they will be better problem solvers”

    911 Operator asked if I needed police assistance, I politely refused it but mentally I was thinking “Mr. Uncle Sam, you stole my investment money for this one last time, you will need to get future financing for your schemes from someone else”


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