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  • gizmo_puppy95 gizmo_puppy95 Dec 4, 2013 10:00 AM Flag

    RSI over 90

    Once the Springer effect and daytraders sell this will take quite the tumble. These are daytrading games right now.

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    • I have seen the Springer Effect many times and know the pattern.
      I am familiar with this drug...all it is is Flexeril in a sublingual form. I also realize that this has UNBELIEVABLE potential to make a lot of money, which the management took advantage of these sufferers that have nothing to take that will help by making flexeril more absorbing which will only help minorly. Got a hand it to them, it is easy money, but the drug in my opinion is not going to do much, but if they get the label for FM and PTSI they will make a bundle because these people have very few choices and they will try this out of pure desperation.
      It is kind of like a depression drug in which the Psychiatrists are always happy to prescribe and patients are always happy to try. I see this in a similar way.
      Long term this company will probably be successful. I see at leas a couple more dilutions which this $7.50 price will have a market cap of $100 million.
      It will be interesting to see how effective people say this drug is.

    • Too bad your IQ is below 90 Skippy..

    • A lot of market buys for small amounts. Just saw a guy buy 1000 shares hitting the ask at a $0.20 spread. Obviously small-time SA readers chasing this. Lately it seems there is at least 2-3 SA articles out per week with "multi bagger" or "triple" in the title.. there never used to be, and it seems the small investors are chasing these as soon as they come out. Downside is they won't hold beyond 3-4 days or anything remotely long-term. Also, like with Mark Gomez, when there is enough of a following piling into these after an article, the big players come out to short them on day 3-4 and tank the stocks.. it's getting to be like clockwork. With such a low float I would be wary of jumping into this for a few days.

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      • Yeah, I agree Justice
        I am definitely not saying this stock doesn't have potential...I have taken plenty of Flexeril and I don't think it does much of anything, but if they can really make it so you can get to sleep very rapidly then it will likely pass trials because these people are desperate for any improvement, even if it is very minor.
        The market makers are the ones who will really make money off of this run today.

    • this will go to 9.00 today

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

7.26+0.19(+2.69%)Nov 27 1:00 PMEST