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  • bchen2400 bchen2400 Jan 14, 2011 3:09 AM Flag

    why is this pos up so much?

    SSD's will replace billions of mechanical drives over the next few years. OCZ is leading the charge and could even merge with Sandforce. The big boys are very forward looking, I would never short this stock.

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    • I use SSD for operating system and HDD for data. It gave me a huge performance increase. The best upgrade ever! That's when I started to buy OCZ.

    • Some people have been saying that for a few years. Look at how STEC went. OCZ is likely to be worse. STEC had/has much IP in its parts, OCZ pays for it. If they don't make money this qtr., there's trouble. They have to figure out the price that covers the BOM and leaves something. All the others using SandForce have to get it wrong, and INTC has to blow it with their next gen part (due out Real Soon Now). It's the furthest thing from a slam dunk. Wish it were, but it's not.

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      • Buggy,
        I have to commend you on your tenacity on hanging on to your short position even after this stock has gone vertical on you over the past few weeks. You have been making negative posts at least from the high 3's. At this point you are probably down at least 50%. Isn't it time to cut your losses?
        I thought we finally kicked you out when multiple posters on this board exposed you as someone who does not understand the first thing about enterprise computing other than the few pieces of information you come up with "googling" and sadly you cannot connect even those dots.
        Now it seems you don't know even how to trade. Even if you know nothing about OCZ you should know that if you see a stock go up on such extraordinarily high volume for multiple days there is something good about the stock. Also, it was going coincident with the Needham conference where the conference room was packed standing room only. All that volume was institutional buying. You must have a death wish trying to get in front of this freight train.

        Please do not expose your ignorance further with these idiotic comments regarding OCZ, Sandforce, Intel, etc. You seriously do not know anything about this space.