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  • firstadopter firstadopter May 9, 2011 2:48 PM Flag

    Apple should use OCZ Vertex 3 for 2011 MacBook Pro

    Bare Feats, the leading Mac benchmarking site, did an SSD benchmark shoot-out with the OCZ Vertex 3 for the 2011 MacBook Pro laptop here:

    As you can see the OCZ Vertex 3 CRUSHED the competition performance wise.

    Quotes from the Bare Feats site:

    "The 2011 is the first MacBook Pro to have a 6Gb/s internal SATA interface. Notice how the OCZ Vertex 3 6Gbps SSD screams compared to the other SSDs including last year's lone 6Gb/s SSD (Crucial C300). Based on the SandForce SF-2200 chipset, the Vertex 3 has the excellent OS independent durability and performance enhancing features."

    "The Apple SSD is slower than any other SSD we have tested with the exception of the Toshiba (on which Apple's SSD is based)"

    Can you imagine what would happen to the shorts if Apple did the right thing and started using OCZ Vertex 3 as a build-to-order SSD option for MacBook Pros and Mac Pro's online?

    Come on Apple, do the right thing and provide the option to include the best performing SSD on the market (OCZ Vertex 3) in your products, do it Apple!

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    • well.. if apple do it. They will sell MacBook based on SSD size. 60GB SSD+HD $999 128GB SSD+HD $1299 280GB SSD+HD $1599 which also make sense.. but OCZ is not tier 1 yet. Its QA has to come up to speed and start using Tier 1 parts. They may need help to do that... but Apple is too big to deal with small fish.

    • send this note to sales at OCZ. How about being on the shelves at Best Buy along side Intel. What would that do to the stock price? Get us in front of main stream america and you create a new pipeline though most will only be buying to be better than the jones. But, that's okay because the jones don't know about indy investing.

    • you only short a stock when you know for certain it is going down...that is called matter the upside...the shorts had a calculated attack with support and knew people would sell to them...the thing that concerns me is that it may happen again

    • They have for awhile not, but again, they are crap SSDs - that they charge costumers high prices for.

      You'd actually save money NOT buying an SSD from Apple, and buy a wholesale price OCZ SSD - thats has MUCH better performance.

      And guess what, you'd still have more $ in your pocket afterward.

      Thats Apple for ya!

    • Apple will only use the cheapest SSDs it can find, shove them into their products then claim they are "innovating" by providing "fast" SSDs ( that are no named but really crappy Toshiba or 3rd rate crap).

      Apple is just a name, nothing more - and in fact, quite a bit less.

    • The MacBook Air needs to be insanely thin and so the drives can't be in an enclosure. This isn't such an issue for MacBook Pro's. I would think that they couldn't have non-removable parts on a MacBook Pro, so I'd expect them to stick with 2.5'' SATA or some variant of that type of drive.

      The only issue I see with OCZ with regard to Apple is the reliability and it's size. I think this is something that OCZ can overcome over the next year or two. It's be a shock if they supplied drives in the coming year, but with their expected growth, I don't think it's out of the question that they could land a contract like this.

      It doesn't even have to be Apple. It could be Dell, HP, or Acer. The point is, why short this stock if there is such upside in the stock?

    • No thats something else nvm, i think toshiba makes nand storage for the ipad. The ipods larger than 32Gb were toshiba platter based i think...

    • The ipad uses a toshiba platter based drive

    • Why not? They already have been pushing solid state storage into their smaller consumer electronics, seems logical that they would also go that way up the chain as well. Thing is though... I wouldn't expect Apple to become an OCZ customer. Apple seems really content to use custom solid state storage devices (as used in iPad, iPod and new Macbook Air). I expect it is more likely they will continue down that path and not get into traditional hard drive form factors much. In particular for all-in-one thin form factors like the iMac.

    • My point is, OCZ drives would offer better margins and it just makes sense that MacBook's follow in line. MacBook Air's don't have Optical drives and I expect the next-gen MacBook Pro's to follow but replace that space with larger battery and additional SATA drive.

      1 bay will be SSD (OCZ?) and the other will be HDD for mass storage.

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