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  • laltribe laltribe Jan 18, 2012 10:18 AM Flag

    At a certain point some major mmgr will

    start to buy. The risk at $7/share is very low versus if it was $30/share at this point. I believe it will start to happen soon. The risk/reward opportunity is too great to ignore. I feel like we've been in a box since July. It is time to break out of this box and I hope that is my metaphor for the day. Fundamentals are VERY strong versus other opportunities in this sector.

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    • Problem is shorts own this stock and there really isn't anythign to change that yet. Until they get their balance sheet stronger with cash and better earnings no one is going to cover. Need some seriosu money coming into this stock to move the shorts out

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      • Wanna see the shorts cover? All management has to do is announce that they are going to use a portion of the Wells fargo credit line to institute a share buyback for up to 10 million shares of stock in 2012. Now, it really doesn't matter whether or not that would be the best use of that money, because they don't actually have to buy back any shares. Just the threat of it will cause any short without deep pockets to cover. Then, as volume and price increase, other shorts will receive margin calls, and they too will cover.