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  • josephjpeters josephjpeters Apr 14, 2012 10:07 AM Flag


    240GB Vertex Plus for $169.99 AR.

    Really no excuse not to get an SSD these days.

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    • Dude, last response to you because clearly you haven't check out the previous earnings calls where they spoke to capacity. Go read the transcripts. Go check out their published literature on OCZ's website. Shesh. Truly, it's me that looks like the idiot. Go read for yourself. I'm not spoon feeding you. They do not have the manufacturing capacity to tackle a large scale demand increase of that magnitude, nor the monetary strength. What would they do, draw down on a $30 billion credit facility? Good lord. This has been discussed MANY times by many people in published articles SINCE the flooding. Go read or be naive. I really don't care. Ignorance is bliss they say. So be blissful.

      I don't have a position. But my understanding of things is contrary to yours. That's all. Get over it. Like there aren't multitudes of reasons for analysts to to pump stocks. Comical.

    • Misunderstanding Koufax. I was responding to the mess above your post, not to your post. No argument with your statement. I agree completely. The problem is picking the point of entry prior to the inflection point.

    • I know. Usually I just ignore this sort of thing but every once in a while the comments are so breathtakingly moronic I just can't help myself. So that's it from me for now. I think the conference call will answer a lot of questions and ultimately it's just waiting for the upside to come. I'm with you in thinking this is the final positioning and the SI is ultimately going to be "vaporized" - I like that term! Thanks.

    • Take Humps comments with a grain of salt Cocoa and relax. A refreshing dose of agenda driven rhetoric to the negative is actually a good thing. It may even pick up a notch or two as the averages near the wrap up of current shallow pull back or a bell weather blows out an earnings call and the markets again push aside EU concerns. Yet another inevitable "headwind" for SI to deal with in addition to strong company guidance/outlook over the next 12 months on the YE call.

      Intriquing is the word. 21M shares Harry Houdini couldn't unwind, especially at levels that fully discount prior dilution. Again, IMO, any heavy call activity will undoubtedly eminate from the likely suspects.


    • So saying "But guess what, they can't even produce enough even if demand increases 100 fold. They don't have the capacity" is an intelligent analysis?

      You think they couldn't find a way to meet a 100 fold demand which would make them a $30 billion company? Statements like that pulled straight out of your nether regions make you look like an idiot.

      At least the analysts have had face to face meetings with management and seen the facilities and know what the market really is and can make pretty educated guesses for the future. They may be wrong but they put real effort into the process and don't just pull numbers out of thin air. Your arguments are pretty much just shaking your fists and crying about how sneaky the company is - NO analysis, just whining. Try growing a business from nothing into over $300 million in just a couple of years and see how well you do. Lots of tech companies lose money for years before they get into the profitability groove and OCZ is growing full tilt and will get there this year easily.

      I'll trust OZC and the analysts and my own judgment. Internet posters are a dime a dozen and in the end don't mean anything at all since it is the company that has to perform and the posters - myself included - are just watching from the sidelines.

    • It's a free country Hummer, so feel free to do as you wish!

      No false bravado from me here, just an accurate account of what my position and sentiment is. I've been investing full time successfully for decades Hum, and you know full well that when a company "is projected" to reach an inflection point of solid, sustainable profitability, the investors positioned "AHEAD" of the fact are or will be the recipients of the lions shares of profit.

      It's pretty basic Hum!

      You are however, entitled to your opinion!


    • > Why categorize this cost as anything but operating expense then?

      You are missing the point. They are certainly operating expenses (which is why they will not be a non-gaap adjustment) but I believe the appropriate economic way to think about it is to normalize them over an annual period.

      Ryan even seemed to imply that there was some alternative accounting treatment that was considered, presumably amortizing over the useful life of the products.

      We could debate whether $10 million is the right annual load, or if you think it doesn't cover more launches as Everest-2 and Kilimanjaro are rolled out across the product line you might want to add a couple million to this, but either way that normalizes to say $2.5-$3.5 million per quarter in additional expenses, not the $6-$7 million that will be incurred this quarter.

    • What a retarded response. Not even worth replying to. Then why even have a discussion board if all we have to do is listen to the analysts. What a goof. Oh and need clear examples of when analysts are wrong? There are only tens of thousands of examples since the bubble popped and other failed companies where analysts screamed BUY all the way down the tubes, to counter that lame argument. Not to mention, plenty of analysts that have contradictory reports published. I only have to log into my account and see all the sell ratings on the stock and the accompanying reports. Please don't enlighten me anymore with an intelligent discussion. You aren't lending anything of value.

    • I do wish you wouldn't cut to the chase like that Did! I'm accumulating shares and posts like that aren't helpful at all.

      OCZ is FAR from an obscure micro cap with 1 or 2 covering analysts selling their brand of koolaide for investors to drink. When you have 9 analysts and the average to below average estimates are good enough to "vaporize" short interest when the street gives the green light to the lemmings "after" the powers that be have already loaded the boat.

      I know perfectly well whats going on here, and I like it! SI can't unwind 21M even if they wanted to, and they certainly do, want to. A week prior to earnings and FY'13 guidance I do expect heavy call side option activity to hedge the short positions. Now is the all out drive down of upside protection cost and it looks like it is working.

      The harbinger of things to come will, IMO, potentially start with heavy call buying in a flat to green market OR in any kind of market beyond Apr Opex just prior to the earnings call.

      Continue the walk-down, and I keep buying at pre-planned intervals. Simple, and I can't be stopped because of cash on hand to double and triple current position north of 20K shares.

      Try me, I never bluff!


    • Well, you have clearly put a tremendous amount of complicated analysis and insight into your findings. I think you need to call all the professional analysts who have been deluded into thinking the company is actually doing quite well and has excellent prospects. They have not done much except sit with management and see the operations and run real numbers in their models that reflect significant growth, profitability, and increase in share price.

      Please call them as soon as you can and let them know how misguided they are. I know Piper would love to hear from you so they can move their price target from $17 to whatever you think it should be.

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