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  • ttango2200 ttango2200 Jul 16, 2012 10:15 AM Flag

    Has OCZ bottomed? Not many good stocks for $4!

    Yes, OCZ had a bad earnings report, but I just can't think of any other stocks like this in the $4 range, which makes OCZ a buy to me!

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    • I got some dry powder for tomorrow.

    • Listening to the '91 year old Maverick and the crybaby Schrodinger who supposedly took his baseball mitt home and wasn't going to play anymore is about as useful as poking your pinky into your own eyeball so just put them on ignore and make your day much more pleasant.

    • Hard to say with any certainty the stock has bottomed - this is one of the most manipulated stocks I have ever seen and the "market" can do incredibly stupid things so one can never say never.

      As far as a "bad" report goes that just irks me to no end. They delivered another stellar growth quarter and reaffirmed stellar guidance for the year that if met will propel them firmly into profitabilty and positive cash flow. All the financial geniuses complaining about "yet another loss" just don't see the bigger picture which is the growth curve being parabolic. Even the most optimistic projection was for another quarterly loss and a few extra pennies due to timing differences is just irrelevant as far as valuing the company goes.

      AMZN didn't post a quarterly profit for 10 years, gasp - yet somehow they managed to survive and become a juggernaut because the focus was on growing the business and not catering to every whiny analyst and stockholder who wanted to see profits THIS quarter and not sometime in the future. One could have made a fortune on other "non-profitable" growth stocks as well. Same story is happening with OCZ - all they have to do is meet their own revenue forecast for the year. Since they have met or exceeded EVERY forecast they have issued it seems reasonable they will meet this one as well.

      Just my two cents but I believe it myself and that's all I care about. Reading this board will absolutely wear a person out with all the wacko posters and crybabies. It's something to look at once in a while just to see what the peanut gallery is bubbling about but for the most part completely useless for real investment purposes. I listen to all the calls and judge for myself how the company is doing and I like what I see for a long term investment and that's all I need to keep holding well into next year or beyond.

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      • Agreed & NO one expected OCZ to be profitable this quarter BUT lets realize OCZ has been profitable & made a conscious decision to ramp up R&D & marketing in a very big way. Not to play it safe for pissant shareholders but to build a long term leadership with first mover advantage in size & technology. OCZ very easily could have kept expenses lower & profitable today but at what price later ??? another STEC ??? OCZ's controller business alone is worth 300 to 400 million dollars and at 4X's next years EPS makes this the biggest no brainer high growth co. on the market today..

        I also love the babble stating OCZ wont be profitable till 4th Quarter ??? Where did that come from ? please listen to CC again stating Cash flow positive in 4th quarter NEVER a word about profits ... Economies of scale will reward OCZ wth high growing profits as sales ramp higher each quarter.

        I also took from the call OCZ is sandbagging this quarter possibly in a big way with 27 million in product from last quarter shipped in the first weeks of the quarter.

        All in all OCZ continues to meets the guidance THEY have provided quarter after quarter so imo no reason to doubt them... GLTA & make $$$$$$$$$$$$$$

      • Nice post!