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  • briannna614 briannna614 Jul 25, 2012 8:16 PM Flag

    Sea Gate would rise if they bougth OCZ

    WDC has 47% of the HDD market I believe...

    WDC is not gaining market share according to the Call tonight.

    I think it would be a wise buy for STX, but I do think they are going higher either way


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    • All evidence indicates an acquisition If however
      the big three wait they will have to pay more
      that's a given and I would not sell a year from
      now. I thing there is more money without a buy
      out OCZ will run up with the sector and all will
      be good. They themselves may acquire yet anther
      and don't say with what? It's obvious they can
      Get cash if needed the banks seem to think
      the have something someone wants or they
      Would not give them loans. The shorts have lost
      already because the whole sector is surprising
      and is going up. I really hope it goes back down
      so I can buy more. Have 7500 and looking to add
      some more I will check up on everyone next year.
      when we have shares of stx or trading around
      18 to 25 or higher. By