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  • myachingback09 myachingback09 Jul 29, 2012 1:24 PM Flag


    I agree with your observation that OCZ is not mentioned in STX notice of a special investors announcement to be made at 2PST after the earnings discussion on Monday (it is not the earnings call but the special annoucement that has caught the eye)....So, folks have made the assumption it involves OCZ..Howwever, OCZ has also canceled a planned event to discuss their company with Credit Suisse ..One has to conclude something might be cooking between the two, but who knows..The speculation is rampant.

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    • I agree . Folks are connecting dots .

      So if no deal next week .....does OCZ crash .

      I've rarely seen takeovers BE SO TRANSPARENT !

      good trading . I believe something is going on .

      It's odd that the exchange did not contact OCZ about trading activity on Friday ....of course the answer is always ...we don't comment on market rumours . Regards