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  • drivethelane2001 drivethelane2001 Jul 29, 2012 1:43 PM Flag


    There sure are a lot of leaks .

    So what happened last THURDSAY ?
    $0CZ fell under $5 and was down .
    On Friday more upside . Huge .

    Does STX always leak out one billion dollar deals ? Or does OCZ ?
    I'm long but I don't see the shares going over $12 .
    So I'm in the minority . Folks are posting $15,$16,$17. STX does not need to offer that kind of premium my opinion .
    We shall see .
    Ps ...what happens if no deal on Monday ?
    What if its been delayed
    Are you going to sell ? Or hold .

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    • "Ps ...what happens if no deal on Monday ?
      What if its been delayed
      Are you going to sell ? Or hold"

      I've been thinking the same thing over and over. If the deal isn't mentioned at all, I will sell half of my positions afterhours for sure. This thing will go down FAST. Longs will be selling as well as shorts coming in BIG. I'm only selling half because there still could be news that week and i will regret it if I miss it. Now my real question is, how far will the price go down? Lets just hope theres news shall we? :)

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      • Good points thing to consider .....depending on timing of course is when does news come out ?
        It's possible the stock is halted for news pending .

        I do find the road show cancellation a net positive and a bit bizarre .

        Has anyone checked STX HQ or OCZ HQ ?
        Deals that are done ....sometimes get held up in LEGAL .
        ANYONE buy a house and the closing was put off for a day to a week .
        There seems to be too much private info in the public domain .
        Again what caused the sell off on Thursday ? That was very odd . Imo . Good trading .