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  • dr_tjm42 dr_tjm42 Jul 30, 2012 10:48 PM Flag

    Who is O'Malley referring to?

    O'Malley was not referring to SNDK

    get with the program

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    • ""We look at all technology product providers (for M&A) but what I would say is that on the enterprise SSDs, there's probably only one of them that really makes any significant money,"

      that is EXACTLY what he just said!!! they looked at them ALL, do note the ALL part, then do note the part about only one of them makes money!!! sad but funny part sndk don't make money it just loses less with it's SSD division...

      also do note STX said they not rushing into the SSD space till 2015, no reason to push big time into it when you are selling for losses...

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      • the fact that they are losing money reflects the level of competition.

        the idea is decrease competition through mergers and acquisitions, and as the technology gains traction, and margins increase, the sector becomes profitable...

        now, what does this remind you of?

        can you say data storage hard drive disks?

        let us never forget to take seriously what is not said, and what is implied, by whom and for what purpose, as well as what ia said, by whom and for what purpose....

        finally, why did the cfo speak to reuters about SSD? why did he say he was interested in acquiring small companies? why did he not come out and just say, until these small cap companies make money we are not interested in buying them????

        because, of course, he knows, and we know, they will soon be very profitable, and unless stx gets in their game, at its own expense...

        if you cannot see this deal coming down the road, get off the road and avoid being road kill....

        your arguments lack weight...esp after all of what has transpired these past few weeks....

      • Seagate Technology is looking to acquire ""smaller rivals"" to boost its presence in the solid-state drive (SSD) business, a top executive told Reuters.