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  • xtradersdotnet xtradersdotnet Aug 1, 2012 8:13 PM Flag

    technical thoughs on volume?

    well whats up with the volume on this, on the 26th 4 million, 27th-30th 14+ milllion then today 3 million?

    the 7/26-31 makes sense but today threw me off, after a 19 million share day it dropes to 3 million and a majority of that 19 million volume was on the upside that meant people were buying or short covering or both?

    the calls smoked the puts too.

    and the price never really moved today yet it opened down but stayed pretty stable in the 5.80 range

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    • What is happening is that shorts are slowly getting out of the way. They are not adding to their positions and longs aren't willing to give up the fight. There was some retail disappointment today which is why I think the stock price was off.

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      • I believe there was more like 19 million on volume each of those days and I find it hard to believe that all that those shares are retail and short covering. There were multiple shake out, outright stealing shares, taking out stops etc. I think big money sees the smoke and knows this isn't mirrors but a HUGE FIRESTORM of opportunity. They have all there shares, longs are unwilling to part with theirs with the R/R reward here being so ridiculously good. At best we see $5, maybe $4.5 on any news of no buyout, but.... if, as the no insider selling and buys indicates, the "so called sources" and the volume this past week lead to a potential buyout of $15 then you have roughly a 29% downside risk (worst case) on a company that is going to blow away future earnings matched against a 175% increase.

        This is a no brainer and why I don't imagine we will see much selling till we hear something.

        Shorts can type with their CAPS on all day long spewing ridiculous fear mongering garbage, but for those with any sense,
        this is a WIN WIN either way!

    • People lie, the chart does not.

      Put aside the recent euphoria and look at how the market has voted.