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  • dsloter dsloter Aug 3, 2012 9:15 AM Flag

    It may surprise you

    But I am not a geuius or a tech geek...(pause, wait for laughter)...I have a question? What does OCZ stand for?

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    • It's latin for "solid state drives".

    • “OverClockerZ

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      • This is what got me so interested in SSD's. I used to spend hours and hours overclocking and doing a burn-in tests (running your computer at full load sometimes all night to see if it would produce any errors) just to get the settings right.

        Nowadays all you have to do is pop in an SSD and you've got way more of a performance increase than overclocking ever gave you.

        As soon as the average consumer catches onto the benefits of SSD's the market is going to explode. But of course enthusiasts always catch on first before prices come down and the technology goes mainstream.

        If there's one thing I know it's computers, and SSD's are going to go mainstream long before STX thinks they will in 2015!

    • GI: What’s one thing about OCZ that not a lot of people might know, but should?

      Alex Mei: A lot of people may not know that we were literally started in a garage by a number of passionate overclockers, gamers, and engineers that wanted to squeeze more performance out of CPU’s and DRAM. This is where the very name of the company came from. OCZ was basically an acronym that was created to represent “OverClockerZ.”

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      • A little more info and a history lesson.
        A decade and then some. When PCs were running around 300 to 600 Mhz. You could increase (and you still can) your multiplier and ram speed and see 20% increase in speed. That little bump in speed would make games run much smoother. Since PC technology was rapidly moving forward not many could afford to upgrade their computer every 2 months. People took advantage of this tweak. Back in the olden days you would move jumpers or dip switches that were mounted on the mobo(motherboard)to increase speed: this is called overclocking(today those options are available in the bios). You are increasing the clock speed above the rate a CPU or ram was designated to run. What most people dont know. I will give an example to make it clearly understood. Lets say you had a AMD K6 400 cpu. That cpu was designated to run at 400Mhz. But it is the same build as the AMD K6 450. What makes them different are the small deficiencies that are normal in the manufacturing process. This is where the ratings and designations come from. This is why overclocking works.

        Todays computers are powerful enough to run any game its the video card that hinders game performance. Well guess what you can overclock that video card too.