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  • lookahead22 lookahead22 Aug 6, 2012 12:16 PM Flag

    No.1 Seller at Amazon

    I got mine two. Just 189$, what a deal. OCZ is now beating Crucial.

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    • "you shouldnt post crap like they will go bankrupt just because you belive it."

      who said they go bk? not me... i said they ramped to early for a bad fall season and they most likely take a hit for it...

    • Again.. I am NOT harping about current spot pricings since they are way lower than the pointed out $0.35 per GB. The pricing I pointed out is actually way higher than the spot pricing at the time they made the purchase.

      Also, You have your belief... I have mine. YOu think they cant keep up the 25% margins.. and i say they will improve on it more.

      The only thing that i agree with you is that yes, they have a high cash burn rate due to R&D and marketing. yet.. I look at it as a positive for a high growth company. Yet you look at it as a negative.

      Point out one SSD company that is currently close to the revenue levels of OCZ and with such a low CAP.

      Regardless of their cash burn rate... They are priced way lower than they should be is all I am saying.

      You want to keep shorting hoping for them to hit $2-$3.. go ahead. I have no issues.

      What I do have a problem with is people like you who attempt to misguide others based on your beliefs rather than facts.

      I dont post stating they will go to $25 cause I believe in that.. and you shouldnt post crap like they will go bankrupt just because you belive it.

      Just stay true to facts.. and let people make their own judgements.

    • "yet you keep on harping about current spot pricing???"

      V4 is a new drive. That's the one on sale - not "old" inventory as you are pretending.

      What's the problem with having two months of raw materials on hand? Everything else would be a little risky (e.g. thai flooding), don't you think??

      Not sure what your problem is.

    • lol like i say it was JJ who is your BOARD expert who through out this number lol

      look i keep on telling ALL of you computer makers/parts are in for a very bad fall. with few exceptions. i think ocz is no exception to this. in fact they are in a bit of a worse place because they ramped into it. now mr i know it all, how does inventory that is at least 3-6 months old?

      Q4 they bought 12 weeks of nand flash in febuary, there is your price for Q1 inventory. with a carry over of old good of " Inventory levels increased by $31 million to $109 million"

      Q1 "Inventory levels increased by $17 million to $126 million, due principally to a quarter end NAND purchase of $14 million, consistent with our prior comments that we will strategically build inventory to prepare for future businesses levels"

      yet you keep on harping about current spot pricing??? lol jeeeezzzzzz

    • "If you take a term out of context of the conversation, then its your fault. [...] WTF if wrong with you people???"

      They're simply out of ammo?

    • OMG! If you take a term out of context of the conversation, then its your fault. The whole margin conversation started with pipster utilizing current GM os 25% and saying they cant keep it up this quarter and will drop to 20%.

      WTF if wrong with you people???

    • I wasnt going by current spot price.

      If you want to look at that... This would be a great place:

      considering that MLC current 'HIGH' spot price is less than 0.08 per GB for 128GB. and $0.185 for 16 GB.

      i was going by what the pricings were at the start of the year and also not the spot pricing but what someone would have expected to pay for retail NAND pricing.

      So please... Hush! I think i have had just enough of you since you seem to lack intelligence or the willingness to actually do some DD.

    • ok, last post. Use the term "profit" properly, and we will all avoid confusion. Gross margins of 25% and profit of 25% are apples and oranges. Good luck with your investment.

    • Sooo, what's the price for NAND from MU?

      They are using other non-MU NAND as well, sooo?

    • are you really that ignorant?

      the discusion has been about maintaining the current GMs they have been having ... and it is possible even with their pricing.

      R&D and other costs are obviously not calculated in GM. GMs are calculated based on manufacturing costs and sell price.

      GM = (GROSS MARGIN) Learn some basic terms before you attempt to make people dumber with your stupidity.

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