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  • islandbruce islandbruce Aug 10, 2012 11:17 AM Flag

    What FIO's Improved Earnings and Revenues Tell Us

    FIO's recently reported increased revenues and earnings tell us that Enterprise Solid State Drive Market is exploding in Size.

    When a market expands this fast, it provides market conditions for ALL the top players in the market to do well. FIO doing well does not mean that OCZ won't do well.

    In fact, FIO doing well probably means that OCZ will also surprise us to the upside on their next quarterly report of earnings and revenue.

    OCZ is a much better value than FIO, expecially now that FIO has shot up.

    OCZ is a tremendous opportunity. It does not have to be aquired to make its investors money, as FIO just demonstrated.

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    • What it tells us is what a complete and moronic device the "market" is for actually valuing a company. NO WAY is the real, inherent value of the underlying business worth 30% more today than it was yesterday. They "beat" by $10 million on the revenue side and added another $50 million in revenues over the infallible analyst estimates. For this the stock goes crazy and adds $600 million to an already bloated market cap? Insanity.

      OCZ added more than $200 million to their full year outlook over the idiot analyst projections and it has dropped like a teflon-coated stone. The "market" is saying OCZ's forecast of $600 to $700 million in sales is worth 90% LESS than FIO's forecast of $530 million in sales. What a complete crock of smelly, smelly shinola THAT is.

    • also tells us how good mgmt plans to blowout earnings..
      they guided flat knowing well that they would beat..

      its unfortunate, believe RP tried to do that last quarter but got screwed with the parts failure.. that extra 27M in booking would have beat guidance huge...

      the lack of PR wins also sucks... but there could be a very good reason for that :)

    • I agree, look at their sales. They have a great R@D department and gamers appear to love their cutting edge technology. Our number one problem is management is greedy and rather aloof towards the shareholders.

    • Good comment. I was getting so bummed-out with this latest decline and poor PR (in my opinion) that I was forgetting the big picture. I'll just start drinking early today and forget about OCZ for a couple of months.