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  • leestoops leestoops Aug 17, 2012 1:27 PM Flag

    Does anyone understand this Theo tweet?

    @Steverino12 @SteveCaru To me, Ryan Petersen and what he did on last Monday, and why they delayed the announcement is... amazing character.

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    • "no one had Texas Memory going out except Theo!"

      they been up for sale since december 2011, everyone knew they be sold but to who or for what was the biggie.

      btw they private so who cares? you couldn't pump and dump it hence why no one cared...

    • true ...they all have sources but Theo was the only one that had mentioned Texas Memory. In fact he just did so in his OCZ follow up piece on 8/13. So he has some really good contacts in this niche space IMHO. WSJ/Bloomy/Reuters one had Texas Memory going out except Theo!

    • I need to read the entire document before commenting further. I haven't had time yet to review enough of the document. Once I do, I will get back to you.

      Going to get some dinner now and to do some reading tonight.

    • that is the maximum per person, not the whole group.

    • So if I'm not reading this wrong..

      Mei would have had around 35k shares @ 4.48 immediately vest due to the 12 month acceleration. Now he has an additional 90k shares that will immediately vest if a buyout were to occur because we are less than 12 months from 8/13/2013 when the 90k RSUs were issued.

      That certainly sweetens up his severance if something were to occur.

    • well if you read this it answers all your questions about why nobody has cashed in options and how many shares they granted...

      "As of May 31, 2012 there were no full value awards outstanding. Therefore, the Board of Directors has unanimously adopted, subject to stockholder approval, to authorize shares available for issuance under the 2012 Plan (a) 5,200,000 shares of common stock, $.01 par value of OCZ (“Stock”) plus the number of shares of Stock authorized under the 2004 Plan. If calculated as of May 31, 2012, the number of shares of Stock available for issuance under the 2012 Plan would be 5,200,000 plus 1,822,461 shares authorized under the 2004 Plan as of that date that are not subject to outstanding awards. Upon approval of the 2012 Plan, no further grants of awards will be made under the 2004 Plan."

    • True, but all of those 5,200,000 shares are not going to be issued this year. They can only issue 750,000 options this year.

    • Thanks. So in page 14, OCZ is limited to issuing 750,000 options total in one year under the new plan and that is to all employees.

      So they couldn't issue more than 750,000 options for 2012.

    • well that vote added another 5,200,000 shares of common stock to the price. you guys keep on saying $14.50 this would add another 75.4 million to the purchase price, this isn't a small amount...

    • You're actually wrong on this one Pipster. Granting RSUs has no affect on a buyout. It just means employees who receive the RSUs get something and mgmt, or the larger shareholders, get less. It has no affect on a buyout price.

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