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  • geekcomputing geekcomputing Aug 20, 2012 3:14 PM Flag

    Microsoft deal from Q1

    Since some people are so adament that no relationship/deal/sales/etc exist between OCZ and Micro$oft, see below from the F1Q13 Transcript. -s-ceo-discusses-f1q13-results-earnings-call-transcript ?page=4

    "In regards to significant customer news, I'd like to confirm that we are expecting Microsoft deployments across a number of discrete opportunities around our Deneva 2 SATA products, our Talos SAS drives and our Z-Drive R4 PCIe SSD. And this could be material to our business in the near-term and we believe that Microsoft could grow to become one of our most significant clients.

    Please note, while we've begun shipping our Z-Drive products to Microsoft during the first quarter, our aggregate sales to distributors and OEMs for Microsoft were less than $1.5 million and therefore not impactful in the first quarter.

    And on page 6 the Q&A section,

    "Rich Kugele - Needham & Company
    Yeah. Yeah. I think so. Right. And then, the last question is just on Microsoft, now that you're talking about it publicly. Can you just talk about just on -- let's just take the R4 for example, how would you expect it to be deployed? What type of average capacity? How do you expect it to look? And are they taking your software as well?

    Ryan Petersen - Chief Executive Officer
    They are -- so I'll start with the easy question. They're not currently taking our VSL software. We weren’t in GA or we didn't even, I believe, have a software we believe bought, say, in February. So we did not have a software arm at that time other than the normal management tools like our Z verse series of management tools.

    So no acceleration software which is the VXL software included on the PCIe win there. The ASPs vary quite a bit from opportunity to opportunity. So there are opportunities on the low end. And I'm doing this from memory, with an ASP in the $300 to $400 range, I think $312 is probably our lowest in-bound sell price on a SATA product and obviously the ASPs on the PCIe product I believe are in the $4,000 to $5,000 per unit range.

    There are numerous opportunities at Microsoft. I do believe that we're currently engaged in six sizable for us opportunities, probably four to five of which we expect to win in the short term, hopefully as a sole source. And some of them we've won already.

    Rich Kugele - Needham & Company
    Okay. But none of this was included in the 630 to 700 guidance?

    Ryan Petersen - Chief Executive Officer
    That's right.

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