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  • hokiestock hokiestock Aug 24, 2012 1:41 PM Flag

    Timeline of activity moving forward

    Oct 1 is earning date.
    Oct 26th is Microsoft release.

    Possible catalyst stx purchase of Solyndra building within 45 days.

    So what happens?

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    • Hey pips, the whole exchange about PRC and ROC has truly exposed you as a big-time moron. You are sooooo cunfused! Us never been to PRC and ROC? What about yourself? Your little boat brought you there?

      And about PRC and signing a business contract to do business? You can't close a factory because PRC needs their people to be working? You know how many factories closed as a result of the Euro crisis? Just in Guangzhou alone, more than 50,000 have closed since the crisis started. Yes, you see that right! 50,000 as in FIFTY THOUSAND! Big and small.

      There is a Chinese saying - if money can solve a problem, it is not a problem. It is the same everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE.

      So puh-leeeeese! But if you want to continue making youself a clown, you are most welcome...

    • "fact is to buy ocz you need to buy the factory"

      "they have to deal with the one in china first."

      You mentioned it's hardly in use anyway, so what's the problem?

      If Taiwan made it extremely hard for folks to not use facilities anymore, folks wouldn't go there in the first place.

      Might be the reason for the US facility, though. You got a point there pips.

    • you sure act like him might as well be his twin.

      fact is to buy ocz you need to buy the factory. the factory is in china, and under their laws.

      face it you don't know anything you just pump drivel..

      stx is not going to be building a factory for ocz parts, when they have to deal with the one in china first. very simple here!!!

      how your little pea brain can't grasp this idk, but it is what it is..

    • "to be in china you have to sign a business contract"

      Is that your comeback? LOL. You basically said "PRC is interfering b/c they want to keep a facility open that is hardly in use." - again: priceless.

      I am sure the People's Republic of China will invade Taiwan over any breaches of contract that OCZ and Mao ZeDong might be involved in. You have a lively imagination, gotta give you that one.

      "now fredd"

      That's your last straw? Now that *is* funny. ((-:

    • look son, to be in china you have to sign a business contract. i don't know what it is you sure don't but anyone with a brain knows they have to have one.

      to buy ocz they have to take this over, they are not going to say hey we will approve it if it means closing this factory. hence no reason to build a new one in america...

      now fredd, lets look at some stats. this factory can make 150,000 units per month now, not even ramping. this is 1.8 million units per year minium! this is a large market share. since most go into apple goods. and intel/samsung supply those this is a huge market share.

      sorry to say but you are a moron...

    • "the one where ocz only uses 22.22% of their china factory? the one where i say that china wont sign off on a deal if they don't keep the factory open?"


      So they are hardly using the factory, but China won't allow a factory to that's hardly in use be closed.

      Oh man - you are cracking me uuuuuuupppp!!!!

      Priceless!!! Thanks for the laughs. I especially like the part where you call other people morons. ((-:

    • lol what argument? the one where ocz only uses 22.22% of their china factory? the one where i say that china wont sign off on a deal if they don't keep the factory open? the one where fredd said they working on a 5T and it would have zero uses???

      jeez with you it changes every time you post..

      maybe that is why you are a moron? because you have nothing to add to a simple fact other then to change the subject to something totally irrelevant...

    • "moron, pea brain, stupid..."

      Losing the argument again? Too bad losing your countenance is always a tell tale sign.

      Sooo, I am supposedly changing the subject and you are going from the original subject "Timeline of activity moving forward" to "OCZ important enough for PRC to intervene in Taiwan".

      Brilliant, keep em coming. Exactly why I am here. ((-:

    • what? look fredd the moron said they working on building a 5T, said it would have zero uses.

      i said well they using 2-3T now i don't see why they wouldn't use a 5T. you know you sure remind me a lot of fredd lol...

      when wrong you just total change the subject..

      now just use your pea brain if they make a 5T they for sure will make it with uses in mind, you for sure are not going to be selling a 5T enterprise drive to some schlep to put into his computer lol.. dam you so stupid..

    • "if they make a 5T one i am sure they put it in there as well"

      Originally you said they back up the server to the 5TB drive - which one is it? Still haven't looked up how to provide redundancy for IT infrastructure? Too busy making up new stuff?

      Can't think back 24 hours, eh?

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