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  • xtradersdotnet xtradersdotnet Oct 1, 2012 1:27 PM Flag

    Latest from Theo

    lets give the guy a break due to all the events that happened since that fateful day in july he was right and if the buyout did happen then he would have been a god to us.. i do think he was also sidelined and gott screwed, at least he is responding to my ?s and he did not have to do that.

    anyway ill continue to hear what he as to say,heck his insite is a much better than mine, and if u buy or sell on his comments then its your own fault for what happens if you make $$ or lose it

    we are all big adults ( wel most of us) and its your money, this is a big game, you just hope to call it right long or short..

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    • you gotta be kidding me? let's give the guy a break?!

      his deluded insinuations on ocz helped rp out of a job, a lot of people lost money to this guy. and YOU WANT TO GIVE THE GUY A BREAK?!!

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      • Question: If RP was given a seat on the Board, what value would that have to the shareholders?
        Answer: None.

        Now compare that to no deal at all.

        RP royally screwed up. And he not only lost his job, but he damaged the company (at least in the near term). Theo did nothing to RP.

      • look i lost money too 1/2 of my account that i was using but if i would have sold then i would have been up. I admint i got greedy and wanted more i played the game and lost so far, i dont blame him for my loss, its my own fault. I am not saying his story was right or wrong just that you gotta trade on your own accord thats all. ITs all google and the internet and if peopel choose to belive him them its thier own falt.

        It appers it was RP that screwed all of us, as mulitple sources (from the internet lol) has said that he screwed it up and based on the the board firing him i say it was. RP got greedy and stupid and thought STX would play ball, and he lost his job cause of it.

        RP is the one who is to blame not Theo, not Pipster, or Shemp, or Sierra, or ash ect... RP was the one who was driving the ship and like the titanic he screwed up and hurt lots of people.

        I have no energy to arugue with no one, and wont post anymore on this. but if everyone is mad cause of hat they read online and they traded based on that then they are to only blame them selves..

        JMHO no disrespect meant to anyone..

    • xtrader. i would advise not listening to theo. you seem to be placing to a lot of your money based on what he says.

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      • domino, i have moved all long shares last week, i am only playing OTM calls now.. This was not due to his comments, it was cause i do think somehting is going to happen but when i dont know . I never buy on peoples comments, if i lose or make $$ its on my own accord. I just like to hear what other people say, I messed up and should have sold when this was 7.68 but decided to play it out and that was the wrong choice,

        Any one who buys stuff on what one person says is dumb.. But there is no reason why you cannot use the info they have and use it to help you if you think its good info..