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  • xtradersdotnet xtradersdotnet Oct 1, 2012 1:34 PM Flag

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    domino, i have moved all long shares last week, i am only playing OTM calls now.. This was not due to his comments, it was cause i do think somehting is going to happen but when i dont know . I never buy on peoples comments, if i lose or make $$ its on my own accord. I just like to hear what other people say, I messed up and should have sold when this was 7.68 but decided to play it out and that was the wrong choice,

    Any one who buys stuff on what one person says is dumb.. But there is no reason why you cannot use the info they have and use it to help you if you think its good info..

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    • understood. but why do you keep asking for PTs from him? there's really no value in what he says. OCZ at a minimum is worth $7/share which I think we will see as an all stock transaction.

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      • because it never hurts to see the whole piture, i have worked in management and owned a small company before and i am a systems analyst and in my own job in order to be successful you have to get the views of everyone, then you take that info and do your DD and form a you own theory and talk about it with your peers..

        who is to say you have to use it? I am very aggressive when it comes to getting info out of people and why not, who says you have to use it but at least you can add to your whiteboard...

        why you think invesigations take so long, its because they get so much info and then form a theory, so this is no different no matter if its coming from bloggers, CEO's or analsyt you take everything and sort it out. Do you have " sources" well appearently other people to, no you want to trust those sources or not thats up to you.

        to be a successful trader you have to see the WHOLE PITURE and to do that you need as much info as possible and see what matches and what does not.

        OH never mind..

        I am done with this.. G/L no matter long or short to each thier own..

    • i would have held on long but lack of response from OCZ is a catch 22, r they hiding somthing or r they in a buyout talk or a NAND contracts or what??? I have added some $3 calls today.

      I can tell you in 20 years of trading i have never been in a stock that has done what OCZ has..