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  • pipster1234 pipster1234 Oct 31, 2012 6:32 PM Flag

    i feel sorry for you longs.

    ocz just never stops giving bad news. you all try to spin it to be good, but dam.

    revenue guidance gone, buyout gone, key personnel gone, financials gone, list is endless...

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    • with all due respect pippy with comments like that do you still wonder why most people on here do not like you. don t you think longs know this already. god if you are a father i would hate to be your kid, you must rub everything in thier face huh..

      talk about a serious party pooper, give all the i told u so a rest huh, i dont know whats more annoying the i told you so or the others who are yelling buyout this up 50% that ect...

      no wonder i dont post here hardy anymore and will post even less, so you, tvtman and silverfox go ahead and screw these boards all up ok.

      and yes i am still long and yes i know it was a miskate that i held and yes i know OCZ is in trouble and Yes i know that there one day could be a buyout and yes i know one day it could be BK and yes i know one day it could be trading at 10.00 and yes i know that on 12/21/2012 the world may come to and end and yes i know there might be aliens on mars, and yes i know that the moon landing might be fake, and yes i know that area 51... oh nevermind...