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  • mustangsny mustangsny Nov 14, 2012 9:31 PM Flag

    Needham Conference Gave good Light

    Listened to the CC today and I think RS gave very good light on the company. I really was surprised that he gave out a lot of information, more then the last CC I heard. It seems that they rolled out a new product today, sales are robust, raising money thru the sale of the inventory, He did say that they had approx., 30% more then needed but they will convert into dollars. They are not going back on old Qtrs it sounded to me but they have given a lot of rebates or disclunts that have already been shipped and have raised prices and margins. It sounded like they are staying in business. He did say that they
    will have to raise more capital not right away but down the road to fund the business which might make
    sense depending on the amount of voulune they want to do. It seems that their products are in demand and do not think BK is in the cards now. They also reduced their labor force and tweaking
    the business to get expenses in line. I feel a lot better after listening to him because my biggest
    fear was they were going to file. Also he discussed the amount of patents and new products that will be coming out and cutting down on the value items that had no margins. he also discussed the hand holding he has started doing and all vendors are being paid on a timely basis. All in all is was more
    positve then then the last 2 0r 3 calls I heard. He did not indicate when the qtr will be reporting but I can tell they are on top of it and probably wants to wait and report two qtrs. I expect losses from rebates, write downs on inventory and goodwill and think that inspite of these losses will be a cleaner
    and show more realistic figures when they do show it. I think the goodwill will be a sticking point if they will show all of it as a wrtie down or maybe 70% of it but that is a paper loss anyway. I do think
    they have a future and the stock should move up to 2.00 range for now.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy