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  • rob.laursen rob.laursen Dec 1, 2012 3:33 PM Flag

    Vector Partial and Full Drive Performance Review

    This has to be the most important overlooked part of SSD benchmarking and I wish more review sites would include it. There has been so many misinformed people and bashers out there confused about OCZ's performance and storage mode when in fact this is an issue with EVERY SSD when filled over 50% capacity. If you check the review of the Vector on the hardwarecanucks website, page 11 you will see the Vector AND Vertex crush every other drive listed when filled with 50%+ capacity. Nobody leaves there SSD empty so these are more realistic numbers to go by. This shows how ridiculously good the BF3 is compared to whats out there and there will be more performance increasing firmware updates to come and these numbers are WITHOUT using faster 24nm Toshiba toggle nand. I wish they included the 840 Pro to how the drive performs over 50% full.

    "The Barefoot 3 controller is nearly everything we could possibly want to see in a next generation controller. It offers blistering performance, can take care of itself without capacity being lost to over provisioning and most importantly it remains fast for the long haul. ******This last point is the linchpin in the Barefoot’s potentially market dominating equation. While the Vector 256GB may not have topped our charts when empty, it actually blasted ahead of every other drive available when there was actual data housed on it. To us, that’s even more important than initial performance since no one keeps their brand new drive completely empty.******** "

    Sentiment: Buy

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