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  • ondy500 ondy500 Dec 10, 2012 4:16 PM Flag

    things to consider... ocz is a buy

    1. Who would leave a job for a failing company? Unless when brought on you were shown how muh potential the company had.
    2. Ceo's are not born they are made. Trust the due diligence of someone far more.experienced thsn ourselves.
    3. Ocz has the "new" and the "best" factor. That combination is worth millions. Look where it took aapl.
    4. Typically fraud is announced and than a few weeks later the damage is announced. The Sec still has not found anything. That is a great sign.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • maven37514 Dec 10, 2012 5:56 PM Flag

      There are two things to consider here.
      1. OCZ missed 10Q twice. If they don't have any problem then why don't they just report them now? They could get delisted for non-compliance soon which means the stock would be basically worthless once it trades on Pink Sheet.
      2. If they do have problem and the stock trades below $1, they will not be able to raise funds and consequently run out of cash and have to file BK. Either scenario is not good for current investors.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • 1) well if you paid someone 700k for a job then gave him about the same amount of stock options, i can think of a lot of people who would. not to mention they were looking to get rid of him at the other company since the merger is over.

      2)dumbest thing i ever heard! anyone can be a CEO, how do you think ryan became one.

      3)ocz in no apple, or seagate sorry.

      4)no fraud is not in a few weeks, it takes a long time to sort out just who was involved and what happened. on the flip-side since when does it take 60 days to figure out a accounting mess that was caused by "one small customer?"

      • 3 Replies to pipster1234
      • Pipster... I have been reading these boards for a few days now, and what is your background? You seem to know a lot about nothing.

      • /giggle

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • 1. They were looking to get rid of him? I had no idea you were on the board! /gasp as your other personality would say. He left on his own terms. Where does it say he makes 700k, better yet why would he take the job if the company is bk. How would he be paid?
        2. Right but will he ever be one again? What exp did he have really in big business? Ocz could have picked anyone and ralph could have said no. He has access to everything. If it was a waste of time why wouldnt he just walk and avoid the black mark on his record. Because ocz can turn around and will turn around.
        3. Never said it was but you had to.put something there so i cant blame you for trying. New and best are always one of the most important thing to consumers. And right now ocz it.
        4. The point i was making is fraud is announced once it is found than the damage control happens after. The fact that there is no fraud announcement yet after weeks of digging is great news. Furthermore if it was not discovered until the final days before reporting than it is plausible that they are finding the source of the error perhaps the awry transaction and than having to rewrite the books for one of their highest volume quarters in their history. Do you know how annoying it is to maintain books? Do you know the hours upon hours it takes? The double checking the paperwork to prove to the sec where every penny went? Take a few accounting couses and you will understand

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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