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  • schrodingers_kitty schrodingers_kitty Dec 12, 2012 8:47 PM Flag

    What happens if pipster is right?

    Assuming pipster is right and they file bankruptcy what would happen to us shareholders?

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    • When has Pippy ever been right? LOL

      - He was long OCZ for the buyout in July. How that work out for him?

      - Then changes and starts saying OCZ will go BK when they buyout failed.

      - Then went long again in Oct. for an earnings bounce. OCZ delayed the report. How that work out for him?

      - Then started saying they won't go BK instead but would have to liqudate after they didn't report.

      - Then said the stock would drop 40% after the SEC investigation. The stock stayed flat.

      - Said the stock would drop heading into Dec. earnings report. Stock went from $1.15s to $2.25s after he said that.

      - Now saying they won't report and get delisted.

      Ya, maybe he might be right for once?

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    • I am not pumping or bashing I am asking because I want to know the answer. Does anyone know what will happen to us as shareholders if they do file a BK?

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      • There are 2 types of BK - "ch. 11" and "ch. 7"
        ch 11 is "restructuring" - stock symbol will change , and if you keep holding, it would change again when they emerged back.
        ch 7 is liquidation.
        I used to own BEOS which went chapter 7 way. I got paid some pennies back.
        I think you're jumping the gun here - BEOS was delisted first and became BEOSZ , traded on OTC for a while and some penny stock traders played it hard too.
        So don't you worry, even if it goes BK , wall street sharks will milk it all the way. You still have time to unload.
        It could be worse - another my great investment was storage tech SOS (inventor of RAID-7, I think) , I still own the stock but I can't sell it because commissions would be higher. The company doesn't exist anymore physically, but stock still linger somewhere. I called my broker to take care of it and they said, "there is some volume there, can't liquidate your holding"

      • Google it. typically stock holders are paid last and that almost never happens. Go study K-Mart and how they went BK and voided the old stock only to re-emerge and issue new stock.

    • If that is how you feel...maybe you should sell and get out now. It is better to be safe than sorry?

      If you like what comes out with the 10-Q...can always buy back in?

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    • i never said they go BK i have said a lot of times they liquidate. they already are doing it, so it just depends on what happens with next phases if it keeps on being liquidated.

      best case in a company liquidation is they sell everything, pay off bills and give a one time dividend payment to the shareholders. then you have variations on that working all the way down to they sell everything slowly looting the company dry of everything.

      i would be more worried about the possibility of receiving that delisting notice, that will knock this down quite a bit.

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      • One of pipster1234 many posts talking about OCZ BK all the way back to 31 July...

        by pipster1234 . Jul 31, 2012 7:16 PM .

        i do think ocz is worth about $10 per share, just don't see them selling it for that price. also i have said theo is a liar, and his bullshi... is what been moving this stock.

        so add one and one up son.

        it called a pump and dump!!! however if you want to hold ocz for a year/two you prob get your $10 price tag here... if they don't go BK which is also a big possibility.

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