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  • domino54 domino54 Dec 17, 2012 3:55 PM Flag

    Just wondering

    I've been year for 20 months now... bought above 9 all the way down into the 1s... bought/sold many times prior... got killed on margin... etc...

    Just wondering, how many longs would be OK with a $4-5 BO? I for one would be.

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    • There isn't enough information to make that decision! Schmitt sounds like he is getting OCZ's cost structure under control, and he has implied that the enterprise business is starting to expand. Their enterprise products have had great reviews and 50%-plus GMs. And thave been in trials for over a year (normal is 12-18 months.) With better cost controls, a more focused suite of products, and a decent enterprise presence, revs could easily exceed $750 mil in 2014, with a 34% GM and 55-60 cents in non-GAAP eps. These numbers would suggest a $4-5 buyout would be too low.

    • maven37514 Dec 17, 2012 5:26 PM Flag

      $4 - $5 BO would be great if that's what they can get. First thing they are going to do in order to survive is to issue gazillion shares immediately to dilute the heck out of current share holders, that would probably drop the stock right to the Pink Sheet. And if the business can survive, which I doubt it, they could probably get BO for next to nothing. All these arguements about revenue and networth are meaningless if a business is losing big money quarter after quarter, the networth will dwindle to nothing very quickly. The company has a fair portfolio of technologies but they have proven to be lousy business people. Does anybody want to buy a company that's losing money everyday based on revenue? This stock is for traders, not for investors.

    • *here not year (using iPhone). This is just my opinion in regards to moving on to other opportunities. I know others who sold around 2 who were longs at 7+ in order just to move on.

    • Quick answer, no....I'm to lazy to explain all the reasons, but in order for me to vote my shares towards a BO offer, it'll have to be in excess of $10.

    • $4-$5 BO seems like a great deal if you bought this under $2. If they get the 10-Q out and recover, this will be trading easily at $3 in a few months and maybe $5+ by the end of 2013.

      A quick undervalued buyout now or a chance for a $10+ buyout later? It all comes down to what your investment goals are.

      Who knows...maybe this is $25+ in 2015?

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • No way, you do not sell a company below revenue and that is not even considering asset base. For example just what we saw this morning, you know they have more on the way in regards to the market place. I would be okay with 7 to 8 but anything less than 500 or 600 million is a joke. 67 million share and at least 7.
        I am still believing there is a conspiracy theory going on here with the OEM markets, nand, cash flow and etc...., I may be wrong but nothing has said that is still not the case for the dilemas.