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  • dbaser97 dbaser97 Dec 30, 2012 7:03 AM Flag

    Every company RS heads, it either gets bought out or merges

    Have a look at his linkedin profile.

    18 people endorse him for mergers,
    4 people endorse him for sales process

    Also has a track record of solving sec investigations and settling class action lawsuits

    Quoted from his linked in page

    As CEO of Exar Corporation he led the integration of two equally sized companies in order to obtain appropriate scale for a public corporation. Significant synergies and shareholder value were realized in the combination. In his role as CEO of Sipex Corporation he was instrumental in turning around a delisted, troubled company. In outsourcing and moving manufacturing to China it enabled to company to focus their efforts into driving proprietary Power Management and Interface products. The company resolved the SEC investigation, class action lawsuits, cash deficit and was merged with Exar.

    The thing he did with PLX

    "As part of PLX, Ralph moved the company to becoming a true systems solution provider by offering architecturally important switching solutions thru silicon, boards and software. The company grew 45% during his tenure and was sold for nearly 4X the valuation.

    Its so obvious why the board of directors hired this guy, they obviously want him to sell the company :) The seagate deal might be a reality in the future depending on how the things turn out.

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • Also something fishy about taking this long to get the 10-Qs out....

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • R S has a proven record for getting things done. He will get the needed extended line of credit, nand supply with other parts, Hugh deal for company buyout, he knows the true value of this company. After he shaped up the company cutting cost, stream line products, reduce inventory without slashing prices for a loss. Just deal with the waiting game

    • "The tenets of our business moving forward will be simple. Our actions will be based on innovation, quality and profitability. The DNA of OCZ is in a steadfast focus on time to market and performance. That’ll remain unchanged as we continue to use that focus to drive our efforts into the marketplace. We will innovate to continue to differentiate our products. Our focus will be to further penetrate the OEMs and especially the enterprise market.

      OCZ has a polarizing image. There are relentless fans and equally relentless detractors. It is my goal to continue to do the things that make people so passionate about this company. We will build the highest performing and reliable products in our target markets. We’ll fix the things that have been the source of our very vocal detractors.

      Credibility and consistency will be paramount, and we’ll talk less and execute better. My approach is to empower our employees to take the appropriate risks, make decisions and be accountable for their actions. When they succeed as individuals, we will succeed as a company." -RS