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  • aurin_res aurin_res Jan 3, 2013 8:40 PM Flag

    Pipster1234...want a good buy/hold for 2013 and 2014...

    I know it sounds crazy of my buy/hold picks right now is YHOO.

    It is still under $20s and they haven't started their share buybacks yet. Alibaba IPO could give the stock another boost down the road.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Above $33 now!

      Cha Ching!

    • Iron ore shipments are picking up and I would look at the Tanker in small area and look for them a little at the time if you are looking for a buy and hold. I would look at DSX and NAT. High risk would be FRO in more of a natural gas shipment.
      I think CLNE energy could gain 10 dollar this year or more, it is a decent long term hold. If you like regional banks I would look at RF, HBAN and long term Synovus and possible Lyolds.
      In the materials, you have to look at iron ore companies, Vale might be a great buy and hold. GGB in Brazil. I think if BAC comes back to 10 that would be a good buy and hold. ALJ is a good buy at 15 or below and fertilizer with POT.

    • Short apple , thats all i can say

    • not to sure about yahoo, i been thinking chk might be a good play, also looking at glw before CES.

      if nat supply is low tomorrow chk prob take off, GLW is just so undervalued it not funny.

      but then you have the whole market is about to be thumped so buy and hold prob not best moves right now?

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      • I agree, the market is probably going to get thumped good in about 2 months from now. Even if YHOO dips, I'll buy more on the dips. You could also wait for the thump and buy after as well. I expect the stock buyback to push yahoo over $22...I know, wishful thinking.

        Chesapeake will probably be a good pick for you. I, personally, usually avoid Energy companies. Corning is a good one with earnings in less than 3 weeks. I could see Corning getting above $14-$15 in the next year. I like to see solid earnings and maybe a dividend boost? AGain, wishful thinking....

        Earning season starts next week with Alcoa. Hopefully good earnings start coming out and help lessen the thump that is coming.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy