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  • dbaser97 dbaser97 Jan 4, 2013 2:54 PM Flag

    If a takeover happens, sandisk will be the biggest candidate.

    Have a look at the major institutional holders of ocz & sandisk.
    Vanguard has a huge stake in both of em

    Sandisk can definitely benefit from this takeover, they are a nand fab and definitely can use ocz's patents and technology to maximise their SSD revenues. Sandisks revenue from SSD sales already exceeds 500m a year, they can easily shoot it up to the 900-1b with the purchase of OCZ, it definitely makes sense!

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    • dbaser97 you are correct......for the period ending 9/30/12, Vanguard does have a substantial stake in OZC (e.g. 3.443,717 shares, which is about 5% of the shares outstanding), as well as in SNDK (e.g.13,871,100 shares).

      However, they are are huge fund and their stake in SNDK only represents .08% of their portfolio, whereas their stake in OCZ does not even move the needle.