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  • aurin_res aurin_res Jan 11, 2013 10:56 PM Flag

    Hey pippy...use this weekend to learn the concept of a covered call!

    Just because I am pumping this stock long term (12-24 months to hit $3+) doesn't mean I am not going to make extra money along the way. So sad you don't grasp this. LOL

    Don't forget that I have said MANY times to people to WAIT till AFTER earnings before buying right now.

    So sad. Covered Calls piptard1234

    Just because you don't have funds to trade OCZ doesn't mean the rest of us don't. Poor guy.


    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • wow just wow...

      make extra money? by selling a ITM call? really and just how do you make money off of that? oh that is right it is called being short LOL LOL

      so you are the worlds first pumping short i ever seen!!!

      it is OK i know you are lying about your trades just like everything else!

      • 1 Reply to pipster1234
      • I lie about trades? Don't make me laugh. Unlike you, nk499, and others on this least I can explain my trades and the dates they happened. You couldn't even keep track of your lies about being short From the beginning of August to Oct. Remember you went long in Oct? LOL

        I are the guy who claimed by be short for 4 months but your history shows you were only short 2 1/2 months. You are also the guy who claimed he couldn't affored to buy OCZ when it was $1.15 a share? But, you are also the guy who said you were thinking about going short again around $1.38 but didn't have money to go long? LOL

        Let's not forget pippy lying about RS selling his shares because he can't read a Form 4 correctly.


        Don't be mad you still don't grasp the concept of a covered called. Funny how you claim I make fake trades yet I posted within MINUTES that dates and the range of those calls and even you admitted they were good. How am I clueless yet know these trades are GOOD? LOL

        You are sitting on the sidelines with no money, no skin in the game w/OCZ, and still sit on this board 8+ hours a day and bash everyone here. Too funny, L O S E R.

        Get a clue and get off my board, CLOWN.


        Sentiment: Strong Buy