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  • mwhummel mwhummel Jan 22, 2013 10:56 PM Flag

    Rob.Laursen I enjoy reading HOW RIGHT you were here!!! LMAO!

    by rob.laursen . Jan 18, 2013 7:51 PM

    wow you really are stupid. NOW they are two Qs delinquent but when this press release was issued on December 17th, they were only delinquent for Q2 but NOTHING ELSE. Why would it say "Under the terms of the exception, on or before February 28, 2013, the Company must file its 10-Q for the period ended August 31, 2012 and all other delinquent periodic reports, as required by the Rule. "

    why would they include the words "and all other delinquent periodic reports" if on Dec 17th they were only delinquent for Q2????????? I don't even know why I try to explain things to you. You know I am right but you will disagree with anything and everything a long says because you are short and its your job to.

    by rob.laursen . Jan 18, 2013 5:16 PM

    there were no other delinquent reports at the time of that press release so what other report were they talking about if not for Q3?!?! they were clearly expecting OCZ to delay which is why that was included in the paragraph I posted. Try to keep up pip.

    Good lord man, you COULDN'T possibly have been more wrong. Anyone listening to your "advice" or interpretation of ANYTHING including compliance requirements is foolish. You were absolutely positively WRONG as wrong gets because you don't understand the compliance requirements clearly. Unbelievable. Clown.

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    • and your point? how about including my last post on that thread which was

      "Re: Re: Re: look for the nasdq letter tonight/tomorrow
      by rob.laursen . Jan 18, 2013 5:18 PM . Permalink

      letter or no letter.. the point is they have until Feb 28th"

      I never said they would not receive a letter, I said Nasdaq already expected they would not file Q3 on time and is giving them until Feb 28th to report and guess what? I was right they are giving them an extension. Pipster said Q3 was not affected by the rebate program and Nasdaq would not grant them an extension and force them to report on time or be delisted which obviously wasn't true.

      you are right I posted "they were clearly expecting OCZ to delay which is why that was included in the paragraph I posted." which shows I am right lol Clearly the street agrees with me which is why when they announced they had to delay Q3, it was a non-event. Everybody expected it to be delayed based on the Dec20th compliance letter except you #$%$.

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      • they have till the first or they will have to file for yet another extension, and have a dam good reason why they not done. if you read the MAX MAX they got with the other is till the 28'th, this just got stepped up.

        look for earnings on or before the first or they will most likely be removed from nasdq.

      • Don't bother with them, Rob. They're just trying to get you riled up. The fact is, everything points to the company recovering and becoming not only financially responsible but profitable. Give it a few weeks and we'll have all the financials. Then maybe these idiots will go away.

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    • Rob is a toolbox.